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Geeky Holiday Gift–the Gboard

[Extracted from my weekly post at CNET Asia Community Blog]

With Thanksgiving gone and Christmas coming in less than three weeks, what is the ultimate geeky gadget you can get at an affordable price for those gadget lovers? Well, check out the Gboard which was launched earlier this week.

The Gboard is the ultimate gift for Gmail lovers or should I say, addicts. This keypad features 19 different colored keys, each pre-programmed with a keyboard shortcut for functions such as replying, forwarding, deleting, starring, and archiving messages and keys to allow users to navigate by message or discussion, select messages, search, and flag messages as spam and so on. Although the Gboard limits the shortcuts to 19 out of the 65 Gmail shortcuts, it is still a nifty gadget to have around.

The Gboard is easy to setup, just plug in via the USB and tweak the settings in Gmail and you’re done. It is compatible with the Mac and PC. Another attractive factor is the pricing, only US$19.99. Check it out over at Gboard’s Web site. For more on the Gboard, take a look at the video below.


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