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Phottix Atlas Wireless Flash Trigger Now Available

The Phottix Atlas is a transceiver – both a transmitter and receiver in the same unit. Photographer no longer need to work with one unit to transmit signals from their cameras and another to receive signals to trigger remote flashes or studio lights. The Atlas automatically switches between transmit and receive modes.

The four-channel Phottix Atlas uses digital circuitry and transmits on the 433 MHz frequency. It can reliably trigger flashes at distances of 100 meters or more at sync speeds of 1/250* sec.

Image from The Phottix Journal

The Atlas has a hot shoe attachment and can be used to trigger “speedlight” style flashes as well as larger studio lights and strobes. Flashes and strobes can be connected in a number of ways. The hot shoe as well as two 3.5 mm ports can connect studio strobes or smaller flashes by 3.5 mm, 6.3 mm, or PC Sync connections.

The Phottix Atlas can be used to trigger two flash units – as long as they are of the same make, model and trigger voltage. Photographers do not need a dedicated unit to trigger the same model of flash. The Atlas can also be used as a wireless shutter release. Using WRS Mode (Wireless Remote Sync), a camera and flash(es) can be remotely triggered, in sync.

The new trigger system is compatible with Sekonic Light Meters equipped with a RT-32 transmitter. Wireless mode on compatible meters will trigger Phottix Atlas units, providing photographers with an easier means of taking light readings.

The Phottis Atlas and other Phottix accessories are now on sale at my studio, PASM Workshop, more details on the home page.

For more test on the Phottix vs the Pocket Wizard Plus II, check out Charles Verghese’s three part review and testing posts, link here.

Source – The Phottix Journal, Charles Verghese – A Dubai Photographer’s Blog

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