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How to Get your iPhone Screen Back in Normal

Was drunk as a skunk tonight and somehow got the iPhone screen blown out.  The cure… not by  rebooting or resetting… actually all in the fingers.  Just tap three fingers on the screen and voila…. you’re back in business.  Handy little tool.

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Good Read of the Day – “Inside Apple” Reveals Steve Jobs Anecdotes, Apple’s Little Known Facts

You can catch it all on the latest issue of Fortune magazine or check out this article by Federico Viticci on MacStories, the favorite quote from the article for me is –

“Jobs imagines his garbage regularly not being emptied in his office, and when he asks the janitor why, he gets an excuse: The locks have been changed, and the janitor doesn’t have a key. This is an acceptable excuse coming from someone who empties trash bins for a living. The janitor gets to explain why something went wrong. Senior people do not. “When you’re the janitor,” Jobs has repeatedly told incoming VPs, “reasons matter.” He continues: “Somewhere between the janitor and the CEO, reasons stop mattering.” That “Rubicon,” he has said, “is crossed when you become a VP.”

Frederico went on to quote some more anecdotes from the Fortune’s story and to quote a few here –

  • Just two people wrote the code to convert Safari for the iPad
  • At Apple there’s never confusion “as to who is responsible for what.” In Apple’s parlance, a DRI’s name (directly responsible individual) always appear on the agenda for a meeting, so that everyone knows who’s the right contact for a project
  • Jobs’s approach to design and “feel” of a product is shared among the whole company, even if 90% of employees have never met Steve Jobs, Lashinsky writes
  • Once a project is nearing completion, Apple spends whatever they need to make it perfect. For example, they contracted the London Symphony Orchestra to record the iMovie soundtracks; they sent a camera crew to Hawaii to film a demo video for a wedding scene; they even staged a fake wedding in a San Francisco church to get a different take on the video, with Apple employees playing guests
  • Steve Jobs hired dean of Yale School of Management Joel Podolny to run the Apple University, an internal group also featuring business professors and Harvard veterans that are writing a series of case studies to prepare employees for the life at Apple after Jobs. These case studies focus on Apple’s recent business decisions and internal culture, they are exclusive to employees and taught by top executives like Tim Cook and Ron Johnson

Source – MacStories

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