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iPad 3 Pricing Rumors – Starts at US$499

This came in via the Mac Observer where they quoted off MacRumors’ post earlier this week, an iPad 3 pricing sheet posted to Sina Weibo.  All across we noted a price increase of about US$80.  The first column above states the model, the second column being the iPad 2 launch prices, the third column being the rumored iPad 3 prices and the fourth column, prices in Chinese RMB.

DOes the better display and faster chip justify the price hike, you tell me.

Source – The Mac Observer


February 28, 2012 - Posted by | Apple, iPad2, iPad3 | , ,

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  1. Don’t forget Foxconn announcing they are going to pay their workers up to 25% more, so the price hike is expected. If people want this stuff assembled in factories with higher wages and safety standards, then we have to pay the price. I think it’s reasonable – if that is indeed the reason for the increase.

    My thing is that I’m tired of having the WiFi only and needing to tether, which I end up never doing. I’m thinking 3’s deal of $50 extra per month for the additional mini-SIM card might make sense for me and I might buy WiFi+3G this time instead of just WiFi.

    Comment by Steve Schechter | February 28, 2012 | Reply

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