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Parody Video – What Instagram Will Do Now with $1 Billion?

Funny parody video of what Instagram might do with the $1 billion from Facebook.

Source – The Verge

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Take a Look at What’s Behind a Tim Cook Event

Source – The Joy of Tech Comic via iPhanatics

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Avatar Makeup Tutorial – NOT

This is absolutely hilarious.

Source – glowpinkstah

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Hillary Clinton on S N L March 8th – Obama Experience

Hilarious. [Seems like the previous link been taken down, hope this one stays]

Source – williamayresobama

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Jack Nicholson Endorsement for Hillary Clinton Video (Parody) & Original

While we’re at it, here’s another hilarious video remix on Jack Nicolson’s endorsement for Hillary Clinton. Well, the original one below in case you want to watch it too.

Source – CartwrightDale & TrippManFTW

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Top 10 Obama Campaign Promises

You heard this and now you can watch this.  My favourite is number 4, “I won’t let Apple release the new and improved iPod the day after you bought the preious model”.

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Congratulations to Christine on coming 2nd in the YouTube trophy for Best Comedy of 2006

Congratulations to Christine from Happy Slip on coming second in the YouTube trophy for Best Comedy of 2006. Here are the results and you can see her video “Mixed Nuts” right here.

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Bush State of the Union Address – Funny

Anyone seen this? this is hilarious, great for Christmas.  A must watch, definitiely the best YouTube vid of the year.

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David Letterman trashes Bill Gates

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Bangkokchat – pervert stalking a Thai girl (old read)

Came across an old article (2003) from Mango Sauce about a farang stalking a Thai girl awhile back and wanted to share with you all.  The article covered the dialogues exchanged between them and it is funny as hell.  Hope you all enjoy reading it this Monday morning, to cure whatever blues you might have.  Click here for the article.

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Borat says



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CBS Late Night: Sex on the plane

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