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Pic of the Day – Oprah’s Tweet on Microsoft Surface Off Her iPad, LOL

Source – Time


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New Microsoft Surface Videos

Source – Surface

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InstallFree Nexus Bringing Cloud Based Office to Any Mobile Devices and Desktop

This nifty application is in beta and sure looks promising. The developers announced that Dropbox and Google Drive support are coming soon, probably by their launch this month.  According to ZDNet, InstallFree Nexus will come in two versions,

InstallFree Nexus Basic

  • The full LibreOffice (formerly OpenOffice) application suite for creating and editing documents from any device or browser
  • Full-fidelity viewing of Microsoft Office files
  • Seamless integration with Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, SkyDrive, SharePoint, Office 365 and other storage services
  • Free

InstallFree Nexus Premium

  • All the capabilities available in Nexus Basic
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher) subscription license
  • $4.99 per month / $49.99 per year for academic licenses
  • $19.99 per month / $199.99 per year for standard licenses

The downside is….. well the beta is not available in our region, aka Hong Kong, so we cannot test-drive it….. real bummer.  Hope it’s available by launch.

Source – InstallFree via ZDNet

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Wall Street Journal’s Take on Microsoft Surface Tablet

“A lot of open questions” pretty much sums up what most people think about the Microsoft Surface.

Source – WSJ

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Scrivener – 20% Discount Code

Always wanted to get a decent writing tool for my mac and Scrivener (US$44.99) been on my shopping radar for quite some time.  Tonight as I was writing up my blog post for CNET Asia, this urge came back and I googled it to see if there’s any discount code out there.  Thank God I found a 20% off coupon off S. M. Worth’s site.  So, if you’re like me, in for a really nice writing app, check out Scrivener.

Source – Literature and Latte

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First Look at Windows 8

In this all new video, Windows President Steven Sinofsky gave the first live demo of Windows 8 at the D9 conference in southern California.The new user interface resembled that of the Windows Phone 7.  The tile design somehow becomes the trademark of Microsoft OS like the gestures with the Mac OS.  What you think of the new OS?

Source – Microsoft

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Microsoft Office on Windows 7 Phones Looking Really Awesome


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Microsoft Office on Windows 7 Phones Looking Really Awesome”. Click here for the full read.

Source – Mobility Digest via Gizmodo

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Video Preview – Microsoft Courier

Coming from a tablet user for the past 10+ years, I can tell you that this Microsoft Courier idea, if it works, would surely be one of the hottest thing to come but given Microsoft’s past track record, especially with their half heart support for OneNote and other Tablet devices and associated softwares…… I don’t know.  I surely hope it will be different this time around. Guess only time will tell.

Source – Gizmodo via myblogiphone

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Video Preview – Windows 7

Well, ordered my copy of Mac OSX Snow Leopard at the Apple Store, due to limited stock, delivery been pushed back to 7 September.  Will check out and see how these two OS fair against each other.

Source – TechnoBuffalo

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Xbox 360 Red Ring Death Issue Solved?

According to Engadget’s article, the group’s product manager said in an interview with Edge Online that “afflicted consoles should be nonexistent in the not so distant future and that they’ve “put the worst behind us on this.”

Well, great to hear that.  My year-old Xbox 360 is going back for a return this week after getting that red ring.  Great Microsoft Hong Kong offered a free exchange.

Source – Engadget

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Microsoft My Phone Beta is Up

[Updated: 25 February 2009]

[16 February 2009]
myphonelogoFinally, Microsoft have the My Phone beta up with the sign-in link.

For those of you not familiar with My Phone, it enables you to –

  • Back up and restore your phone’s information to a password-protected web site
  • Access and update your contacts and appointments through your web account
  • Share photos on your phone with family and friends

Pretty neat right? Well to enjoy the free service, you have to own a Windows Mobile 6.X mobile phone.

For more information and sign up, go to the following site, https://sn1-p1.myphone.microsoft.com/mkweb/Start.po?mkt=en-US

Source – Microsoft, Obviouslook

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Microsoft Office (for Mac) Woes


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Microsoft Office (for Mac) Woes”. Click here for the read.

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Bill Gates’ Speech @ Microsoft Research Asia 10th Anniversary Innovation Forum

Bill Gates visited Hong Kong in the past week and gave a speech and held discussions at the Microsoft Reasearch Asia 10th Anniversary Innovation Forum held at Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre on 12 August 2008. His keynote speech was on the theme “Innovating for the Next Decade”.  He also joined technologists from Microsoft Research (MSR) Asia, and the three Presidents from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, and the University of Hong Kong, to share their ideas and thoughts on the topic of “Technology & Society” during the panel discussion. The event aimed to celebrate a decade of ground-breaking collaboration between MSR Asia, Microsoft’s premier research lab in Asia Pacific, and Asia’s academic community.

His speech and discussions are now uploaded on MSN Hong Kong and the link is here.  But since the website is in Chinese, I inked up the key buttons (with the arrows) so you can navigate through the keynote speech (starts 15 minutes into the video) and the panel discussions.

Press the relevant button to access the keynote speech and the panel discussions

Source – MSN Hong Kong

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Tip of the Day – Reclaim Disk Space After Vista SP1 Installation


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Tip of the Day – Reclaim Disk Space After Vista SP1 Installation”. Click here for the read.

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