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Get Your Ass Covered Review – GelaSkins for iPad 2

For those of you who are planning on getting an iPad 2 together with the Smart Cover, or who have already done so, one piece of advice….. get your ass (iPad 2) covered.  You definitely don’t want to have the back side wide open as you can get all the scratches on it, especially with the Apple logo (a big no no if you’re planning on selling it in the future).

In come GelaSkins, the company that specializes removable covers for portable devices. Their skins features stunning and photo-quality graphics ranging from fine art prints to contemporary urban images.  GelaSkins in fact is one of the few companies that have the whole product line ready before the iPad2 was launched.  Over 100 stock artworks are available or even best, use your own photo or art for the skins.  For now, GelaSkins only have the front and back cover set (US$29.95), and that comes with a wallpaper to match the artwork you choose.  For the iPad 2 back cover only, they do have the section up but no stock artwork yet, meaning one can only use their own photo or art.

UPS arrived this morning

GelaSkins for my iPad2

I ordered mine last week for my iPad 2.  Got the Charity: Water Logo on Black and Love Letters artworks and received them today.  The whole process of applying the skin to the iPad 2 took 5 minutes or so.  For now I’m leaving the front skins and the wall paper as I’m just using the black leather Smart Cover.  One thing I do notice while applying the skins is that one can easily pull the skins off and use another one, just stick it back to the sheet that it came with.  Thanks for the 3M technology GelaSkins uses.

Now for a limited time, you get one free skins if you order three from GelaSkins.

To let you get a better idea of how the GelaSkins work and look, I’ve linked this great video from metagamers below.

More pics after the jump…….

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Sony NEX-3 Review

Photo Twist have a review (more like preview) on the Sony NEX-3, check it out here.

Source – Photo Twist

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Video Review – HTC HD2

If you haven’t seen the phone in action, check out the reviews above.  My initial thoughts –

  • HUGE screen
  • LARGE phone
  • new Sense interface still as sluggish as the old TouchFLO interface (not better with Windows Mobile 6.5)

Would I want to buy one? nah, not now.  Check out this review from Engadget if you want to know more about the HTC HD2.

Street price: HK$5,680 (US$728) from www.JipJipMobile.com

Source – mobileburn, Engadget

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Now This Is A Fast Card – SanDisk Extreme Pro

Extracted from my CNET Asia Blog Article of the same name.

Last week, I was asked to test drive the all new SanDisk Extreme Pro CompactFlash Card, thanks to the guys at TEXT100 HKG (great PR firm in Hong Kong). As an amateur photographer, by no means would I pass on checking out how fast this new memory card claims, that being 90MB/sec.

So how fast is this card… according to SanDisk –

  • its reading and writing performance are up to 90MB/sex (600x)
  • UDMA 6 enabled (works in all UDMA mode)
  • Power core controller & enhanced super-parallel processing esp invented by SanDisk to increase the card’s performance level

Well, I put it up for some home-made testing of mine to check it out. I conducted a few read and write tests and I used the older generation SanDisk Extreme IV and the SanDisk Extreme FireWire Reader to benchmark the results.

For each full frame pic I take on my Sony A900, the size of the RAW file is around 37.6MB. I switched the shooting mode to burst mode and took 10 pictures in a roll. The average writing speed after 10 trials are as follow –

SanDisk Extreme IV 16GB – 11.9 sec

SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB – 9.4 sec

Not bad for writing speed. In fact, this new Extreme Pro is whopping fast. Given the price and the storage size (64GB being the highest), it is the ultimate dream card when it comes to taking large picture file size and large video files.

Next up I tried out the read and writing time in copying 342 picture files (11.9GB) to and from my computer and the results are as follow –

SanDisk Extreme IV 16GB

  • writing to card – 13 minutes 6 seconds
  • reading from card and copying to PC – 7 minutes 16 seconds

SanDisk Extreme Pro 16GB

  • writing to card – 12 minutes 48 seconds
  • reading from card and copying to PC – 8 minutes 14 seconds

Looking at the read and write tests results, one might ask shouldn’t the more expensive Extreme Pro be a lot faster than the old Extreme IV? The answer is yes, the faster Extreme Pro do read and write faster but in order to see the results, it does depends on what kind of card reader you are using. SanDisk can roll out even more faster cards but they do need a fast reader as well. The 45MB/s FireWire Reader from SanDisk surely cannot catch up anymore.

SanDisk, hope you dig this.

One of my reader, David Golden, sent me an email pointing out the the card performance is most likely optimized for high performance burst mode as your statistics indicate.  The sustained write performance (copying 12 GB of data to the card) is not nearly as important. Thanks David for your input.

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Review – Olympus E-P1 Digital Pen from Gear Diary

Image from Gear Diary

Image from Gear Diary

Raymond Ser over at Gear Diary posted up his first part of the review on the all new Olympus E-P1 Digital Pen this week.  As Raymond puts it, the review is more from an amateur perspective which I found to be very easy to read (lacks the camera jargon).  That coupled with some really nice shots of the Olympus E-P1 Digital Pen, definitely a good review on the camera.  Check out his review here.  Can’t wait for the second part.

For those interested to know, the street price of the Olympus E-P1 Digital Pen in Hong Kong is around HK$6,880 (US$882).

Source – Gear Diary

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First Look Video & Review – Facebook for iPhone 3.0

For more details on the newest version of Facebook for iPhone 3.0, check out TechCrunch’s article, Facebook 3.0 May Be The Most Useful App On The iPhone Yet.

Source – TechCrunch, parislemon

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First Look Video – Bodega (App Store) for Mac

Caught this video from SoldierKnowsBest on Bodega, an iPhone/iPod App Store look-a-like for Mac applications.  Well, there isn’t a lot of apps on Bodega as of now but I’m sure this concept would be catching.  Check out this review video from SoldierKnowsBest.

Product link – Bodega (http://appbodega.com/)

Source – SoldierKnowsBest

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Video Review – iPhone 3GS vs HTC Hero

Awesome versus video of the iPhone 3GS and the HTC Hero from phonedog.com.  Check out this 10 minutes long video, enjoy.

I don’t regret getting my iPhone 3GS.

Source – phonedog

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Video Review – More HTC Hero Vids

Check out this 3-part video review (31 minutes+) on the HTC Hero, excellent review from the guys at MobileBurn.com which covers everything from the inside to the outside of the phone.  Don’t miss it.

Source – MobileBurn.com

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My Gears + Review – Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 on iPhone 3Gs

Ever since I got my iPhone 3Gs, been wanting to get a new pair of Bluetooth headset to listen to my podcasts as my Plantronics Voyager 855 finally gave up on me (the connection on the detachable earpiece cable worn off), though still work on mono.  Been shopping around this past weekend and didn’t do much research into what the newest BT headsets have to offer (now this is dumb).

The design of the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 caught my eyes and I ditched out the dough right away, purely shopping on impulse and this is where the problem starts…..(only apply to iPhone 3G or 3Gs)



For the sound quality, the HBH-IS800 is considered one of the best BT headsets I’ve used (Plantronics Voyager 855, Philips SBH7100, Jabra BT8010 and Plantronics Pulsar 590A). The design is neat and clean with one button controlling practically everything, see pic below.



The headset comes with a clip for you to add onto the headset cable so to allow you to clip it to your shirt collar or jacket.


So the sound quality is good and the design neat, what’s the catch then….

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My Gears – MiLi Power Pack for iPhone 3GS

Been looking for a backup power pack for my iPhone 3GS and found the MiLi Power Pack for HK$398 (US$51).  This pack is stuffed with 2000mAh and it last a whole day when attached to my iPhone 3GS with 1/4 capacity left after 18-hours day.  It served a a cradle (can sync) while charging.  Another great feature of the MiLi Power Pack is that you have the ability to use its “OUT” port to charge most external USB compatible devices. Really nice.


Basic specs provided by MiLi-

  • weight: 79.5g
  • standby time: up to 390 hours
  • talktime: 6.5 hours on 3G phone and 13.5 hours on 2G
  • internet time: 6.5 hours surfing on 3G and 8 hours on Wi-Fi
  • audio playtime: up to 31 hours
  • video playtime: up to 9 hours
  • 4 LED buton to indicate battery level



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First Look Video – HTC Hero

Not sure whether it is just me or not, but  the interfaces do look a bit complicated and slow.

Source – phonedog

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Video Review – iPhone 3GS vs Nokia N97: Browser Comparison

Well, think you have enough with the iPhone 3GS reviews, hmm… me too.  Always love those comparison videos where they pitch one phone against another.  Be it on the UI, the media player or the browser, always fun to check them out.  This vid from therevivedone features the duel between the Apple iPhone 3GS and the Nokia N97, bet you can tell that the iPhone wins out without even watching the vid given the processor, but nonetheless a nicely done vid, enjoy.

Source – therevivedone

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The Sims 3 Review


Image from theSims3.com

Sims, the one gaming dynasty that won’t give in, and EA delivers in the newest Sim game, Sims 3. Will this game live up to it’s predecessor’s reputation, or will it be a most likely forgotten chapter in the history of the Sims?

One positive note in this game is the newly improved neighborhood mode, where players can just zoom in and out of their houses and into the new neighborhood view, without tolerating long transition screens when the Sims move from one building to another. This function also allows more versatility in movement for Sims since with the open roads and bird-eye view mode, the car rides just seem a lot more interesting. The lots in the game also seem more blended into the environment, where in Sims 2 each house was like an isolated area from each family this game offers more freedom in relation to the transition from house to neighborhood.

Another positive thing about the game is maintaining most of the features from Sims 2 but introduce them in a completely different style. Careers in Sims 2 were just drive to work, work, end of work. Now in Sims 3, you have more sub-choices to choose during your work time, such as slacking off, meeting your co-workers and the good-old suck up to the boss. Another concept greatly introduced is the relationships bars for making friends. In Sims 2, you could literally make someone go from an acquaintance to being your best friend in 1 day in game time. Now the bar moves at a more steady rate, no more 10 day friendships.

The sexual content in this game has not changed much from the previous games. Kissing and such is kept at an appropriate level in the game, not much references in the game are made towards sexual content. Violence in the game is also kept the same, with no physical confrontation more than hidden fights and pokes.

The one thing that this game lacks is an attractive environment that would draw the user completely into the game. The graphics just aren’t that amazing, not the graphics that make you feel you are inside the game, right in the shoes of the very Sim you are controlling. Compared to the environment in the Sims 2 game, the graphics look a little more roughed than the skin and environment of the previous game.

Graphics: The graphical engine is Sims 3 is nothing to be amazed with, but with a game riding on this much reputation and expectations of an excellent Sim game, the graphics are a disappointment.

Gameplay: The new neighborhood mode keeps gameplay streamlined instead of enduring long loading screens. The gameplay now also allows more decisions to be made in the Sim’s lives, making the player feel more involved with their Sim’s lives than before.

Sexual/Violence content: For a Sim game, the Sims 3 offers no new progressions in romantic areas and the violence in the games are still just two Sims going at it in a big cloud of dust that covers everything.

New features: Sims 3 literally takes the old game and turns everything new and exotic by using the exact same features. The new relationship bars and the increased interaction with the Sims and outside environments feels as if the player is inside the screen.

Overall, this is an extraordinary game, one that is worthy to live up to the reputation of the “Sims” franchise, with every new generation bringing something new to the table. Needless to say, Sims 3 is the one that has truly shocked and awed.

Final Grade: A-

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