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First Look Video on Samsung Galaxy Note II

Guys over at TechnoBuffalo have a first crack at the newly announced Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Source – TechnoBuffalo

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Palm Pre Release Set for First Week of June

[Updated: 20 May 2009] Well, it’s official.  6 June is the release date in US and the price tag on the Palm Pre, US$199.99 on a two-year contract with US carrier, after rebates.

[19 May 2009] New York Times on Sunday ran an article indicating that the Palm Pre will be released in US via Sprint on the first week of June.

In an earlier report, xchange mag reported that “The Boy Genius Report Monday night posted a claim that one if its reliable tipsters (as opposed to the unreliable ones!) has told them that Sprint and Palm will take out an ad in the Wall Street Journal May 19. In that ad, they will supposedly announce the release date for the Pre.”  So guess we’ll find out in the next 24 hours.

Source –New York Times, xchange mag

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Review – Palm Treo 500v


Photo from the::unwired

[15 October 2007] Not the Palm Centro, although they look very much alike.  Review from the::unwired here. Mind you, this is just an entry-level phone, it lacks WiFi, quadband GSM, triband UMTS and HSDPA but nonetheless, a fun phone given the size.

[Update – 18 August 2008] The imported version of Palm Treo 500v is here finally.  It features Windows Mobile Standard Version 6 and supports 3G. It can be found on the ground level of the Sincere Podium for HK$1,950 (US$250).

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First Look – ASUS M930


[26 December] This just in from GPS And Co, the all new ASUS M930, much like the Nokia E90, it features a full qwerty keyboard when opened. We don’t know much about the specification, initial release indicated that the ASUS M930 features a Marvel PXA270M / 520Mhz processor. Network wise, it supports Tri-band GSM (900/1800/1900 Mhz), GPRS, EDGE and 3G (2100 Mhz) HSDPA @ 3,6 Mbps. Other known specs includes WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, 2.3 mega-pixel camera, support for 32GB microSD card and Windows Mobile 6 Professional OS.

Judging by the looks, it looks a lot more sleeker and chic than the Nokia E90 and of course initial specs are very attractive. As usual, we’ll follow on this and will update if more info on the final specs comes in.

Source – GPS And Co

[Updated: 17 January] Specification on the ASUS M930 released –

– Windows Mobile 6 Standard
– TI TI2431 processor at 450MHz
– 3G + HSDPA
– QVGA 2″ Screen (external) + 2.6″ WQVGA screen (internal) – 400×240
– Internal QWERTY, external 12 key keypad
– 256MB ROM
– 64MB RAM
– WiFi / Bluetooth 2.0
– 2.0 Megapixel Autofocus Camera
– microSD expansion
– 158g
– 113mm x 54mm x 18.7m

Source – IntoMobile

Continue for more pics
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Motorola Q9H Officially Launched in Hong Kong



Pics from PhoneDaily

Following my last post on the import version of the Motorola Q9, MOTO Q9H Here in Hong Kong, the Motorola Q9 is officially launched in Hong Kong as the Motorola Q9H.  Price tag on it is HK$3,980 and the specs are as follow –● GSM Quad-band / GPRS / EDGE
● WCDMA 2,1GHz / HSDPA 3.6Mbps
● Windows Mobile 6 standard
● 256MB ROM、96MB RAM
● Support microiSD slot @2GB
● 2.4″ TFT screen
● 11.8 mm thick
● 2.0 Megapixel camera
● Windows Media Player which supports MP3, WMA, AAC, WAV.
● Supports 2.5mm earplugs
● Video recording via Windows Media Player, player supports MPEG4, H.263, WMV, H.264
● USB 2.0 Full Speed adaptor
● Push Mail support
● Bluetooth 1.2 / A2DP
● Opera browser, Attachment Viewer or Editor, Voice Recognition, File Manager, Voice Notes, VPN capability and Anti-Virus protection 

Source – PhoneDaily

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Technology Preview — EverNote for Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone


PocketPC version 


Windows Smartphone version (Photos from EverNote) 

EverNote for PocketPC and Windows Smartphone is finally out. Yet to test drive it but will do so this week and let you all know how it goes.

Features –

  • Create new notes wherever you are: Tap notes in or write with your stylus whenever inspiration strikes
  • Take snapshot notes: Take snapshots with your mobile device’s camera and save the images as notes
  • Record audio notes: Record an audio note and play it back whenever you like
  • Access all your notes anytime: Your notes are stored locally on the mobile device and can be accessed anytime
  • Search all your notes: Search through text notes right on your mobile device. Transfer snapshot notes between your mobile device and desktop to take advantage of EverNote’s advanced image and text recognition.*
  • Have a consistent user experience: We’ve adapted the desktop UI for Windows-based mobile devices, so that you have a consistent experience across platforms.

Product page here (download link included).

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Video Review – Samsung SGH-i620 (aka: BlackJack Slider)

[25 October] Part 1 of the review brought to you by pocketnow.com.

[Updated: 4 November] Check out Part 2 and Part 3 of the review here.

This is what Brandon Miniman of pocketnow.com had to say after the reviews –

I love…

1. The form factor. There’s something quite satisfying about using the slider on this phone. The sliding action is smooth and spring assisted, and you can use it to end and answer calls.
2. Heat-sensitive buttons. Never have we seen a Windows Mobile phone with heat sensitive buttons, until the i620. The sensitivity was prefect, and I hope that we see more WM devices with heat-sensitive buttons.
3. Rotary scroll wheel. The center-placed rotary scroll wheel is a brilliant idea. It’s easy to use for right or left handed users, the speed is fast but not too fast, and it’s a space saver by not having to have a side scroll wheel also.

I hate…

1. No GSM850 band. For some of us in the US, lack of the GSM850 band means that this phone won’t work over a UMTS network. That’s a killer.
2. Flat keyboard keys. In order to make the screen slide over the keyboard, Samsung had to flatten the keys of the keyboard. This makes them a bit difficult to use, even after a few weeks of usage.
3. Low speaker volume. Even at maximum volume, I had trouble hearing callers many times when using the handset. The speakerphone provided louder audio, but not as loud as the BlackJack.”

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First Look – HTC Shadow

Source – Matthew Miller, ZDNet Mobile Gadgeteer

Source – Phonescoop

This phone sure looks sweet, there’s a gold color edition too on T-Mobile’s website. No news on release date for Hong Kong Yet.

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My Take – Samsung i608 3G Video Phone


The much anticipated Samsung i608 (the 3G blackjack with video call capability) is finally launched in Hong Kong and I got to play with it for a bit today. My first feeling towards the phone, ubber-plastic. The phone have the most awful plastic feel to it (maybe that’s why it’s so light, @ 105g). It is very thin, @ 11.8mm and it fits nicely when tuck into my front shirt pocket. Apart from that real plastic feel, the other major bum factor (trust me, there’s a few) is the what Samsung does so well, and that is not incorporating the industry standard mini USB adapter. Instead, one is stuck with their proprietary USB charging cable and that means you probably need another one if you are planning to have one at home and one in the office and trust me, you need an extra one as reviews on local forum indicated that the i608 is a battery hungry master.

“Battery is really a problem of Samsung, the standard battery can’t last for 2 days if you use if frequently. Yesterday I use it for ~30mins voice call, ~30mins WiFi, 15mins game….then it is down to 50% by 8PM….”

“到中午食飯已經無晒電…..發現左部機系電力低下時, 會自動關左backlight去節能, 更嚴重時直頭關埋receiver, 即系變左flight mode, 打唔到電話, 都幾智能……” (RingHK.com i608 user forum)

The biggest bum factor regarding the i608 is that when used as a HSDPA (1.8 Mbps) modem connected to the notebook via the USB, the phone would not be charged up like the HTC’s phone (that I think is a major design flaw), imagine how long it would take to drain the i608 when used as a modem.

Well, so much for the bumming factors. During the promotion launch , you’ll get a free Executive Pack which includes a Plantronics Explorer 220 Bluetooth Headset, a Plantronics Designer Case, and a 1GB microSD™ memory card. Still not too bad a deal if you’re really looking for a WM6 smartphone, with a nice keypad and all the freebies. The going price is HK$4,280. For more info and full specification, check out Samsung’s press release here.

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First Look – Samsung i620 aka Blackjack Slider

source – eXpansysTV

PhoneDaily also have a review (in Chinese) out on the phone, click here for the article. The phone sure looks sweet but my take on it is a no no. Proprietary USB for charge and headphones, what were they thinking, thought the manufacturer already learned the lesson by now.

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First Look – Palm Treo 500


Photo from WMExperts

[11 September] The Treo 500 will run on WM6, and will feature a 240×320 touch screen, 150MB memory on board, UMTS, Micro-SD expansion, a 2-megapixel camera and Bluetooth 2.0.  The M500 will be released in Europe on 12 September. [link]

[Updated: 13 September] via Mobilitysite

Treo 500v Features and Benefits

  • All-in-one smartphone with messaging, email and web
  • Full keyboard for fast and easy typing
  • Automatic delivery of Hotmail/MSN, Yahoo!, and Gmail, email as it arrives
  • Large, high-resolution screen
  • Internet Explorer Mobile full-featured browser
  • Access to Google Maps and eBay
  • Vodafone live! for news, sports, and entertainment on the go
  • 3G/UMTS network
  • Planner with address book, calendar, to-do lists, and more
  • View Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe PDF files
  • Windows Media Player Mobile for music and videos
  • 2.0 megapixel camera captures video too
  • 150MB of memory, expandable with microSD expansion card
  • Windows Mobile 6 Standard software
  • Microsoft Direct Push technology for delivery of Outlook email
  • Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Device available in two colours: glacier white and charcoal grey

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MOTO Q9H Here in Hong Kong


Photo from PhoeDaily

Imported version arrived, HK$4,045 is the price tag on Expansys HK.  For review, check this one from Gear Diary a while back.

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Review – Sony Ericsson P1


Photo from GSMArena

[10 May] Once again, the guys at GSMArena got us the latest review of the Sony Ericsson (SE) new flagship right before the launch of the new SE line both in London and Shanghai just hours ago.

“The Sony Ericsson P1 is an exciting new smartphone that is to undoubtedly reign in the current Sony Ericsson portfolio. Powered by Symbian OS and featuring a QWERTY keyboard, a touchscreen TFT display with QVGA resolution and a 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus, it represents the next level of the development of UIQ smartphones. As such, it seems that the Sony Ericsson P1 will be the flagship of Sony Ericsson smartphone line overrunning even the Sony Ericsson P990 and we were more than curious to find out how it performed in real life.”….(more)

PhoneDaily got us some nice pics of the new rundown including the P1, check out SE’s new line of phones here (in Chinese).

[Updated: 14 May] Caught this vid from MobilitySite over the weekend on some of the P1’s new features.

[Updated: 20 July] 7-page long review on the Sony Ericsson P1 up on phonearena.com, link here.  Very thorough, tons of pics and good comparisons made.  The part I really like is the software review with the page-by-page screen capture.

[Updated: 26 July] Imported ones at Mongkok going for HK$4,980.

[Updated: 6 August] Unboxing vid of the P1 via Gear Diary, link here.

[Updated: 7 August] Spike from Honkie Town got himself a new toy, the Sony P1i.  Hope he can tell us more about the text input on the keypad.

“I had been thinking about waiting for a new phone until the release of the HTC Kaiser. But I’m fed up with Windows Mobile as a phone OS. The need for constant reboots is ludicrous beyond words. So with the release of the Sony P1i, I return to Symbian. After just a few hours and minimal time to play with it, I think I’m okay with it. Only 3 band GSM and single band UMTS. The WiFi is 802.11b, not g. Camera is 3.2 meg with autofocus, nice. I can get used to the keyboard. ” [extract from his post, Not Much Going On]

[Updated: 9 August] Found another review on the Sony Ericsson P1 on Gear Diary, link here.

[Updated: 13 August] Price update, HK$4,680 off local carriers and for the imported ones (English & Chinese OS), HK$4,280.

[Updated: 14 August] As usual, great quality pics can be found from Mobile01’s review, this time on the Sony Ericsson P1i, link to the review here.  In addition, I also linked the Chinese version of the review here, 體驗霹靂手機 – SonyEricsson P1i.

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Awesome iPhone Video

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