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Hong Kong – Mac OS X Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program


Image from Apple

This from Apple Hong Hong,

Mac OS X Snow Leopard refines the elegant Mac OS X user experience with lots of little touches and performance improvements that will make using your Mac even more enjoyable. It also includes a few big foundation technologies designed to tap the power of today’s computer hardware and provide a strong base for innovation. If you’ve purchased a qualifying computer or Xserve on or after June 8, 2009 that does not include Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you can upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard for HK$80.*

This program ends December 26, 2009. Your completed order form must be postmarked or faxed within 90 days of the date of your purchase of a qualifying computer or Xserve (described in this offer) or by December 26, 2009, whichever is earlier.

Expected Product Availability: September 2009

Source – Apple Hong Hong


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Three Hong Kong is Updating all iPhones 3G with MMS

Just received a SMS from Three Hong Kong saying that they will activate my MMS account before 26 June.  The SMS also stated that iPhone 3.0 OS will be ready for download for locals in Hong Kong from 1am onwards on 18 June 2009.  WOOT.

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Are We Ready for iPhone 3.0? Two More Days to Go

Extracted from my CNET Asia Blog.

Mark your calendar if you haven’t , two more days to go before the launch of iPhone 3.0 OS.  If you don’t own an iPhone, quit reading.  If you do, apart from just sitting here waiting, start wondering what the new OS would do good for you.

What’s good? well…. maybe

  • cut, copy and paste;
  • MMS (hmm… can your carrier handle that?);
  • tethering – act as modem to your Mac or PC so to be able to share internet connection (only if you’re that mobile);
  • find my phone (gee, this is a joke…. only if you’re subscribed to MobileMe);
  • HTTP-based streaming audio and video (isn’t your iPhone slow enough?);
  • full GPS (again, we hit the speed issue here); and
  • Bluetooth muti-player gaming capabilities (no comment on that one).

As for what’s bad….. my only concern is how the laggy would the iPhone 3G be with the new 3.0 OS.  Guess we will find out in two days.

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Google Sync Beta for iPhone, WinMo and SyncML Phones is Out

The beta version of Google Sync for the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones as well as a contacts-only version for phones that support SyncML is launched by Google this week.

According to Google Mobile Blog, “Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar events to your phone. Once you set up Sync on your phone, it will automatically begin synchronizing your address book and calendar in the background, over-the-air, so you can attend to other tasks. Sync uses push technology so any changes or additions to your calendar or contacts are reflected on your device in minutes. The connection is always on so you don’t have to manually sync your phone after Sync has been set up….

For devices that support the open SyncML protocol, Google Sync will allow for two-way contacts synchronization. If you’re a BlackBerry user, a version of Google Sync is already available.”

Sounds neat, who needs MobileMe now I wonder.

Source – Google Mobile Blog

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Google Latitude Privacy Tips

Privacy, are there any left?  Who are we kidding.

Source – Google

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Apple iPhone = Air Mouse / Remote Control?

airmouseYup, now you can turn your iPhone into an air mouse or remote control.  You heard me right.  According to the guys at RPA Technology –

Air Mouse instantly transforms your iPhone or iPod touch into an in air, wireless remote for your computer! Sit back and surf the web, browse your photo library or control your music player from the comfort of your couch. Air Mouse uses the built in accelerometer to translate your hand motions into mouse movements on your screen. It can also operate as a trackpad, allowing you to control your computer with a single finger. Air Mouse is an essential part of any home theater PC and a presenter’s best friend. Air Mouse uses an innovative application notification system to let the iPhone know what program you are running at any time and show the appropriate keys for that program. This allows Air Mouse to provide a single screen for controlling ALL your media and web applications.

– Motion sensing air mouse
– Trackpad (full screen vertical and landscape modes)
– Media keys
– Web keys
– Application notifications – Remote keyboard with function and arrow keys
– Programable hotkeys (can be set to run a program or keyboard combination)
– Scroll pad
– Left and Right mouse buttons
– Multitouch gestures (scroll & right click)
– Modifier Keys
– On screen typing
– Password protection
– Custom sensitivity settings
– Foreign language keyboards
– Supports Bonjour or static IP
– No screen size limitation. Works with multiple monitors.
– And much, much more. View their demo video to see all that Air Mouse can do for you

Source – Air Mouse via Jay Oatway from Charged

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What’s In The Wire – 29 January 2009

Skype coming to iPhone? and Windows Mobile?

Skype will introduce new applications for its VoIP software at next month’s Mobile World Congress in Spain…..
Next Generation iPhone Model Revealed in Firmware

Apple uses these models numbers to distinguish between different hardware models. The original iPhone carries the model number of “iPhone 1,1” while the 3G iPhone is labeled “iPhone 1,2”. These numbers do not change for simple storage increases and instead represent functionally different devices. Similarly, the iPod Touch was originally introduced as the “iPod 1,1” and the most recent hardware revision was labeled “iPod2,1”. The 2,1 iPod Touch added a speaker, volume controls, microphone support and a much faster processor than the 1st generation model…..

Source – Electronista, MacRumors

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – I Officially Quit Twitter


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “I Officially Quit Twitter”. Click here for the read.

The above vid from MegaWhatTV talks about why people hates Twitter, do you agree?

Source – MegaWhatTV

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NVIDIA Graphics Update 2009 for Macs

Apple  announced the new update for the NVIDIA graphics, the update improves cursor movement when using the Apple Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI adapter with the Mini DisplayPort enabled MacBook Air, MacBook and MacBook Pro. It also improves playback of HD video running on systems with NVIDIA GeForce 7300 GT or GeForce 9600M graphics.

Download link here.

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Adobe Released Lightroom 2.3 and Camera Raw 5.3 Release Candidate

The ‘release candidate’ label indicates that this update is well tested but would benefit from additional community testing before it is distributed.

Release Notes for Lightroom 2.3

The goal of this release is to address several bugs and provide additional camera raw support. A list of issues fixed in this release is included below:

Bugs – Fixed

  • In the Windows 64-bit version of Lightroom an sFTP upload process could cause Lightroom to crash.
  • Slideshows could return to the first image randomly during playback.
  • A memory leak could cause Lightroom to crash while attempting to process files with local adjustments.
  • Canon EOS 5D Mk II sRAW files could process with artifacts in Lightroom 2.2.
  • Lightroom 2.2 could cause disc burning to fail for Windows customers.

Camera Support
Newly supported camera models include:

  • Nikon D3X
  • Olympus E-30

Additional Languages
Lightroom 2.3 now provides language support for the following additional languages:

  • Chinese (Simplified)
  • Chinese (Traditional)
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • Korean
  • Portuguese (Brazilian)
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

Download link for Lightroom 2.3 Release candidate here.

Release Notes for Camera Raw 5.3

Newly supported camera models include:

  • Nikon D3X
  • Olympus E-30

This release is not currently compatible with After Effects. This will be addressed before the final release

This release addresses possible artifacts that could appear in Canon EOS 5D Mk II sRAW files.

Download link for Camera Raw 5.3 Release Candidate here.

Source – Adobe Labs

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Nokia 5800 Firmware Now Available via Nokia Software Updater


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gets a new firmware update, more information here. According to the changelog, the new firmware fixes the following –

  • Homepage is not defined for Vodafone Live!
  • Last word disappears when selecting receiver in SMS
  • My Nokia: phone displays “#” in front of Application name.
  • During Back-Up & Restore operation, calendar entries are not restored
  • Operator menu link within Welcome application
  • Invalid message pops up before playing the file received via Bluetooth.
  • Input Method, VKB just display number when selecting a WLAN access point which contains a password.
  • Chinese box HWR control buttons and FS HWR control bar are too small.
  • Unable to add image to Contact bar from Gallery when there is about 5 GB of data in memory card
  • In Arabic UI, in calendar, the arrows on the top are reversed in week view and day view
  • UI-rotation is too sensitive
  • Search: Google search service is missing in Search.
  • Contact could not display when switch numbers in Singtel 2-in-1 SIM card
  • Maps: Wrong layout of the strings in the Maps search and favorites views
  • Could not send new email if user name and password is not pre-defined
  • Phone drops from service when both A5/3 +GEA3 used simultaneously with WLAN
  • The Messaging application crashes a lot specially when replying or trying to send SMS you have to remove battery to be able to use the device again
  • License Manager for Maps is not integrated to SW
  • 5.0 Touch: Phonebook crashing when adding detail: Birthday, Anniversary
  • Web screen is messed up
  • Non stop Music Player “Library update”
  • Clock, Alarm is inactive when phone is power off.
  • APN Configuration Settings Update to be used for the Setting Wizard
  • Ex-Factory settings are wrong
  • UE unable to open Setting Wizard
  • StartUpSettings version updated.
  • Phone lost correct time during power off
  • USSD – “Call Control Send USSD” command
  • UE drops from 3G, then cannot sync to 3G cells
  • Browser: Flash objects causes problems while browsing

Source – all about symbian, S60inside

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Canon Updates Firmware for 5D Mark II

This from DPReview:

“Canon has released updated firmware for the EOS 5D Mk II. Firmware v1.0.7 addresses the ‘black dot’ and vertical banding issues experienced by users of firmware 1.0.6. The latest version can be downloaded from Canon’s website. The company also asks users to update their DPP and Picture Style Editor software.”

Important information for EOS 5D Mark II users.

We have learned that some users of the Canon EOS 5D Mark II digital SLR camera (with firmware version 1.0.6) have identified two types of image quality phenomena that appear under certain shooting conditions.

  1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black)
  2. Vertical banding noise

Details of the phenomena and shooting conditions under which they are likely to occur (if the firmware is version 1.0.6) are as follows:

  1. “Black dot” phenomenon (the right side of point light sources becomes black)
    When shooting night scenes, the right side of point light sources (such as lights from building windows) may become black. The phenomenon may become visible if the images are enlarged to 100% or above on a monitor or if extremely large prints of the images are made.
  2. Vertical banding noise
    If the recording format is set to sRAW1, vertical banding noise may become visible depending on the camera settings, subject, and background.
    ▪ Vertical banding noise is not noticeable if the recording format is set to sRAW2.
    ▪ Vertical banding noise does not occur if the recording format is set to RAW or JPEG.
    ▪ Noise can be reduced if C.Fn II-3: Highlight tone priority is set to 0: Disable.

Firmware version 1.0.7. that addresses these phenomena is now available for downloading from the following Web site:


Source – DPReview

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Picasa Beta Available on Mac Now

Finally, Google released the Picasa for Mac beta. Check it out here.

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TiltShift on iPhone

Shot taken down Glocester Road

Shot taken down Gloucester Road


For those who watched the Tilt Shift video from Canon EOS 5D Mark Ii in my previous post must be drooling over it. Well now for US$1.99, you can get this great TiltShift app from Michael Krause on your iPhone. The result, not too shabby right?

Check it out on iTunes Shop or check out the following link here.

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