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Total Breakdown of 3HK 3G Data Network

[Update: 11:24am] Finally it’s back up, at least in Wanchai area.

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been experiencing problems accessing my emails and surfing the net with my iPhone 3Gs with the 3HK 3G data network except for a brief two hours or so from 9:00pm to 11:24pm.  It was still dead this morning and I’m getting really frustrated.

At first I thought either my iPhone 3Gs went cuckoo or something’s wrong with my SIM card but not until I start searching through the local forums where I noted that the whole 3HK 3G data network was indeed paralyzed.

3HK, get your act together please, this is getting really annoying and it ain’t funny.

Worst thing is, you cannot even dial into 3HK’s hotline.

The following are just some related forum posts –

“我由尋日(18號)下午三點左右開始已經上唔到 ~ 我都以為電腦 / 手指壞 …. 因為我用電話都仲上到 ~ USB 手指一直試到而家都仲未上到 ! 電話都有一段時間死左 …. 大約係五、六點左右死左一陣 ! 點搞呀 ?! 我鋪頭有時上網做野要靠佢 !! 而家死得啦 !!” ~ PhontHK forum

“極火滾!!到底個死人3台發生咩事!!hotline直情打唔通!!” ~ Discuss Forum


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3G – Changing the Course of History

Jesus and Judas on video phones, funny.

via – IntoMobile

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Review – HTC Touch Dual



Photos from CoolSmartPhone

Well the review on the HTC Touch Dual is out over at CoolSmartPhone.  The first you’ll noticed is that there’s no WiFi on this new phone.  If WiFi is a crucial requirement for you, then forget about it.  Form factor wise, slightly larger than the HTC Touch, due to the add-on of the keypad and being a 3G video phone.  From the review, we noticed that HTC had made some tweaks to the UI and the softwares, some of those I think are pretty neat.  The review even included a few YouTube vids on the software tweaks, so check it out.

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First Look Video – HTC Touch Dual

via Expansys

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First Look – HTC Touch Slide (now codename HTC Touch Dual)


Photo from PhoneDaily

[28 September] The all new HTC Touch II (HT1100, NTT DoCoMo) rumoured to be launched in late October / early November. So far what we know is that it will be a full featured 3G video phone with a sliding keypad. Will update if we hear more.

via PhoneDaily

[Updated: 30 September] Codename HTC Touch Slide, check out this post from Modaco forum. For the time being, let’s look at these pics from the post.




Photos from Modaco

[Updated: 1 October] Specs on the HTC Touch Slide finally out on MobilitySite

  • Processor : Qualcomm MSM 7200, 400mhz
  • OS : Windows Mobile 6 Pro
  • Memory : 256MB RAM and 238MB ROM
  • Size : 107mm (L) x 55mm (W) x 15.8mm (T) 120grams
  • Display : 2.6″ TFT-LCD Touch-Sensitive Screen
  • Network : DSDPA/UMPS:2100mhz, HSPDA: Up to 384kbps up and 3.6mbps down. UMTS: Up to 384k up and down, GSM/GPRS/EDGE: Tri-band 900,1800. and 1900mhz.
  • Device Control : HTC TouchFLO
  • Keyboard : Slide-Out 16 Key Qwerty
  • Connectivity : Bluetooth 2.0, USB 2.0
  • Camera : 2 mega-pixel color, 2nd Camera: CIF CMOS
  • Audio : Built in Mic and Speaker
  • Battery: 1120mah
  • Expansion : MicroSD (SD 2.0 Compatible)

With a faster processor and 3G this time around. Size-wise, compatible with the iPhone and HTC TyTN II so not sure how well the new HTC Touch Slide is gonna fare. Still think that if the screen could be expanded to 2.8″, it would be more attractive. Another major bumming factor is that there is NO WiFi on this phone. (HTC, what are you thinking?)

Below, another comparison pic on the HTC Touch and HTC Touch Slide via pocketnow.


Photo from pocketnow

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