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Skype for iPhone is Live

Image from Engadget

Image from Engadget

Back in January, we blogged about Skype coming to iPhone.  Well, it’s finally here.  According to Engadget, Skype is releasing the iPhone version on Tuesday, Japan’s version went live earlier, nothing for Hong Kong yet.  Also BlackBerry users will have their own Skype around May.

An interesting point noted in Engadget’s article is that “the Skype app works over WiFi only (not over EDGE or 3G data) and supports calls to SkypeOut contacts in addition to many of the other features you’ve used from the desktop client. iPod touch owners will require earphones with an embedded mic to talk.”

Source – Engadget

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Google Sync Beta for iPhone, WinMo and SyncML Phones is Out

The beta version of Google Sync for the iPhone and Windows Mobile phones as well as a contacts-only version for phones that support SyncML is launched by Google this week.

According to Google Mobile Blog, “Google Sync allows you to get your Gmail Contacts and Google Calendar events to your phone. Once you set up Sync on your phone, it will automatically begin synchronizing your address book and calendar in the background, over-the-air, so you can attend to other tasks. Sync uses push technology so any changes or additions to your calendar or contacts are reflected on your device in minutes. The connection is always on so you don’t have to manually sync your phone after Sync has been set up….

For devices that support the open SyncML protocol, Google Sync will allow for two-way contacts synchronization. If you’re a BlackBerry user, a version of Google Sync is already available.”

Sounds neat, who needs MobileMe now I wonder.

Source – Google Mobile Blog

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The Perfect To-Do App on iPhone

[Updated: 7 October 2008] Been using ToDo and Toodledo for over two weeks and indeed those two works great together.  The best is that I found the ToodledoSync Extension for Microsoft Outlook from Chromatic Dragon.  Now not just having my to-do list on my iPhone but on Microsoft Outlook as well, woot.

[21 September 2008] Ever since I started using my iPhone 3G, I’ve been looking for a to-do applications that allows me to sync my my to-dos/tasks to my PC.  Since I uses Outlook most of the time, I wanted one that can sync up with my Outlook.

KeyTasks from Chapura was the first such application that I came across. The interface is neat, straight sync to Outlook and nothing fancy.  The downside to it is that KeyTasks is subscription-based and it costs US9.99 a year to use the service.

The next application that come close to my requirements is ToDo from Appigo.  It doesn’t sync with Outlook, but it syncs with two online task management services, Toodledo (which is free) and Remember the Milk (free but ToDO only works with their pro accounts, which means $$$).

I signed up with Toodledo, downloaded the Firefox plug-in for Toodledo and the Mac Widget plug-in, tried it out for a week and I’m loving it.  Not only can I track my to-dos/tasks on my iPhone, but on Firefox (both PC and Mac) and my Mac (pops up as my dashboard widget).  What I also like is say when you add a to-do/task such as a phone call to be made or to email someone, you can access the iPhone contacts and dial that person or email straight within the ToDo application.

Cost is US$9.99.  Check out the overview video below from Appigo.

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Yes or No? Google Chrome

Watch this overview if you haven’t tried out the latest open source browser from Google yet.  As for me, it’s a NO.

Source – mobilephone2003

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Technology Preview — EverNote for Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone


PocketPC version 


Windows Smartphone version (Photos from EverNote) 

EverNote for PocketPC and Windows Smartphone is finally out. Yet to test drive it but will do so this week and let you all know how it goes.

Features –

  • Create new notes wherever you are: Tap notes in or write with your stylus whenever inspiration strikes
  • Take snapshot notes: Take snapshots with your mobile device’s camera and save the images as notes
  • Record audio notes: Record an audio note and play it back whenever you like
  • Access all your notes anytime: Your notes are stored locally on the mobile device and can be accessed anytime
  • Search all your notes: Search through text notes right on your mobile device. Transfer snapshot notes between your mobile device and desktop to take advantage of EverNote’s advanced image and text recognition.*
  • Have a consistent user experience: We’ve adapted the desktop UI for Windows-based mobile devices, so that you have a consistent experience across platforms.

Product page here (download link included).

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