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Whole-day Battery & Internet Storage Coming to ASUS Eee PC

Following our last post on “ASUS Launching New Eee PC 900 with 30GB Hard Drive?” rumours said ASUS is to churn out the whole-day battery for their Eee PC line and at the same time offering internet storage to their users.  No details yet but we’ll sure keep an eye on it.


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ASUS Confirms Touchscreen Eee Tablet PC

Pic from SlashGear

Chris Davies over at SlashGear confirmed that ASUS is going to roll out the touchscreen slate for their new line of Eee PC. It was also reported that the slate could be launched as early as the Taipei’s Computex show, which kicks off June 3rd, the same show that the original Eee PC debuted at last year.

For full article, click here for SlashGear’s post.

Source – SlashGear

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HP 2133 UMPC vs ASUS Eee PC – Boot-up Test

XP vs Vista, not really a head-to-head comparison but well.

Source – TechnologyGuide

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – The Ultra-Portable Laptop PC Fever


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “The ultra-portable laptop PC fever”. Click here for the read.

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Everex CloudBook Overview & Comparison with EeePC

Everex CluodBook Overview

Comparison with the ASUS EeePC

Source – TechnologyGuide

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ASUS Eee PC – Long Term Review from Gizmodo

Mark Wilson of Gizmodo just posted the long term review of the ASUS Eee PC and it matches the views and thoughts of a lot of the Eee PC users around me.  I can feel his takes on the performance issue and the sub-par WiFi reception, however, I cannot agree totally to his conclusion as I think the product is still revolutionary and it is another good alternative to the PC latop and MacBook,

“I’m not sure that the Eee is a “don’t buy.” But more and more every day, I’m wishing that we’d invested the $400 elsewhere (a new smartphone, for instance). Initial reviews accepted the system’s shortcomings partially because everyone loved that golden price/performance/size ratio and partially, even tacitly, because many expected bugs to be ironed out in due course.”

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First Look – ASUS Eee PC with 8-inch Screen


ASUS Eee PC, one with 8-inch display on the left and 7-inch display on the right (pic from Eee PC News) 

Now tell me the 8-inch screen isn’t better.  The ASUS Eee PC with 8-inch screen is slightly bigger than the one with a 7-inch screen.  For more pics including size comparison pics, hop over to Eee PC News.

Source – Eee PC News via UMPC Portal

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ASUS Eee PC with Touchscreen

Guys at jkkmobile did it again, this time they managed to get the touchscreen on the ASUS Eee PC.  For more information, check out their comments section at the following post, Asus Eee Pc with touch screen.  They will post the how-to video later today or tomorrow, stay tuned.

Source – jkkmobile

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Vista on Eee PC

Does that make sense at all? why would anyone want to do that?

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8GB ASUS Eee PC Announced


ASUS just announced the 8GB version of their Eee PC. Specification wise, it will feature 1GB Ram, 8GB flash storage, and an underclocked 900Mhz Celeron. No word on the pricing as of now.

Source – SlashGear

For more read on the ASUS Eee PC, see the following old posts –
Review on ASUS Eee PC 701
Unboxing Videos & Review – ASUS Eee PC
ASUS Eee PC Walkthru

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ASUS Eee PC Walkthru

Source – downloadsquad

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Unboxing Videos & Review – ASUS Eee PC

Source – UMPC Fever

Source – Brad Linder

A great review on the ASUS Eee PC (in Chinese tho, but with some nice pics), 華碩Eee PC使用報告,  by aspire6400 and makfrederick was posted up on digital.xy.hk.

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