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My Gears + Review – Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 on iPhone 3Gs

Ever since I got my iPhone 3Gs, been wanting to get a new pair of Bluetooth headset to listen to my podcasts as my Plantronics Voyager 855 finally gave up on me (the connection on the detachable earpiece cable worn off), though still work on mono.  Been shopping around this past weekend and didn’t do much research into what the newest BT headsets have to offer (now this is dumb).

The design of the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 caught my eyes and I ditched out the dough right away, purely shopping on impulse and this is where the problem starts…..(only apply to iPhone 3G or 3Gs)



For the sound quality, the HBH-IS800 is considered one of the best BT headsets I’ve used (Plantronics Voyager 855, Philips SBH7100, Jabra BT8010 and Plantronics Pulsar 590A). The design is neat and clean with one button controlling practically everything, see pic below.



The headset comes with a clip for you to add onto the headset cable so to allow you to clip it to your shirt collar or jacket.


So the sound quality is good and the design neat, what’s the catch then….

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Infinxx icombi AP23 is Out in Hong Kong

Somehow just forgot to do an update on the Infinxx icombi AP23 when I saw it at Tomato Mobile a week or so ago.  Remember that I always mention the icombi AP21 which I used with my iPhone, iPod Touch & iPhone 3G as a Bluetooth dongle for A2DP (see old post, Finally Got My iPhone setup with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (for both music and call)), well, the updated AP23 is now available in Hong Kong for HK$380 (US$49).  The new version, according to other users pairs up with Bluetooth headsets more swiftly and less dropping in connections were noticed.  Check it out, should be in most of the stores around town if you want the perfect Bluetooth dongle for your iPhone or iPod.

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Unboxing – Philips SHB7100 Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Lost my Jabra BT8010 two weeks ago and it was a major bummer. Been using my backup earpiece, the Jabra BT125 ever since but want to try out something new (the Jabra BT125 is a basic piece, a bit boring but nonetheless a decent earphone). So what I did was I went down to my favorite mobile accessories shop to check out the headset today after work. Prior to that, I had my shopping requirements all set. First, they have to be stereo for I intend to use them for my MP3 player/iPod together with my Bluetooth dongle from my Plantronics Pulsar 590A. Apart from that, what I had in mind was a pair of headset with earplugs instead of hooks (Jabra BT8010 uses hooks and it can make your ears a bit sore after wearing it for a prolonged period). Caller ID used to be a must too but this time I let that one slide.

After checking out close to 20 pairs of different headsets, I finally picked out the Philips SHB7100 (the SHB7102 comes with a Bluetooth dongle and a stretch-pouch to attach the dongle to whatever player you use). The headset sounds pretty good given the price (HK$550/US$70).  The unboxing pics below –


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