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A New Way To Surf The Net on Your iPad – The Rockmelt Way

When it comes to reading newsfeed on the iPad, the Flipboard and Zite are my two favorites, but for the past couple weeks, Rockmelt for iPad is gaining my affection because of two unique factors.  First off, one start off with Rockmelt by logging into their Facebook or Twitter account and Rockmelt will learn what you are interested in from what you click or share.  The second key factor is that unlike Flipboard and Zite, Rockmelt has a search bar built in and that can add your personal preferences to the whole learning process as well.

You can get the app from the iTunes Store here. Reviews fro the app so far been great, test drive yours today.

Source – Rockmelt for iPad



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Hands-on Video on Google Chrome on iOS Devices

The best function has to be the ability to open tabs on other devices such as your desktop or notebook computers.  This app is totally awesome.

Source – mobileburn

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First Look Video on Firefox Junior for iPad

Is this the perfect browser for iPad? you tell me.

Source – HTeuMeuLeu

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Yes or No? Google Chrome

Watch this overview if you haven’t tried out the latest open source browser from Google yet.  As for me, it’s a NO.

Source – mobilephone2003

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First Look – Skyfire Mobile Browser

This have been the most talked about mobile browser the past couple days. The interface is clean and surely a true rival to the Safari on the iPhone.  The full embedded full flash for the YouTube playback is just awesome, hands up.

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