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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Google’s own Facebook App – Social Gadgets for iGoogle


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Google’s own Facebook App – Social Gadgets for iGoogle”. Click here for the full read.

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First Look – FriendFeed


What is FriendFeed, well, it’s basically a RSS feed aggregator which tracks what your friend are up to by compiling their RSS, diggs and status messages across different platforms. The idea is pretty nifty and the company is founded by a bunch of ex-Googlers. It is in beta testing right now and if you are interested, hop over to their website at http://friendfeed.com to sign up.

The following is an excerpt from their site –

“With FriendFeed, you list the people you want to keep in touch with. They let us know what services they use (e.g., Flickr or Facebook or Picasa Web Albums), and you get a personalized feed of what they are up to. So, if your friend favorites a video on YouTube, you get a link and a thumbnail of the video in your feed. And if your friend likes a news story on Digg, you get a link in your feed. You don’t need to install anything to use FriendFeed — our crawling technology automatically picks up all the stuff you do on the web sites you already use with no additional effort on your part.

FriendFeed makes all the sites you already use a little more social, letting your friends discover the stuff you discover, comment on it, and share it.

You can use FriendFeed on FriendFeed.com, or if you already use Facebook, you can add our Facebook application to connect your Facebook profile to all the other products you use around the web. You can also view your FriendFeed in your iGoogle homepage or read it in a feed reader. If you make your FriendFeed publicly visible (kind of like a blog that writes itself), you can embed your FriendFeed in your home page or blog.

FriendFeed is currently in private beta testing so we can get feedback and bug reports from early adopters. We will be opening up the service to everyone in the next month or so based on their feedback. If you want to be a FriendFeed beta tester, sign up on our waiting list, and we will give you an account as soon as we have the capacity.”

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