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Trigger Fist Free for iPhone/iPad Now

Source – iTunes via App Chronicles

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Apple Released iTunes 10.6.1 Update

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Great App to Help Switch Between iTunes Accounts Fast

For those of you who uses multiple iTunes accounts and get fed up going through the tedious steps switching between accounts, this app, the iTunes Account Switcher (FREE) is just for you.  Macstories ran a story yesterday on this app which sits on top of your Menubar and with it, you can select which account you want to log into right there, instead of doing so in iTunes.

Basically the app is just a series of script. The only minor problem I noticed is that if I have my Chrome browser opened, it would not show up on the Menubar, could it be because my Menubar is all jammed with other apps, not sure.  Ways to work around it is to minimize whatever program I have and voila, there it is.  Another thing I also did is to drag the icon down to the dock to have fast access.

You can download iTunes Account Switcher here.

Source – iTunes Account Swticher via macstories

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How to Tackle iPad’s Cannot Connect to App Store Problem

This is the number one problem that bothers a lot of people especially those who have their iPad outside of US.

So far, what I found out is that for those outside of US –

  1. You need a US iTunes account, you can open one with iTunes Gift Card (that is if you can get hold of some either on eBay or other auction sites). For those in Hong Kong, please refer to my earlier post, My iPad is in DA House.
  2. Have your iTunes on you PC or Mac powered up and logged into that US iTunes account.  Then link up your iPad to your PC or Mac.  Now you should be up and running.

Someone asked me whether I need VPN on and the answer is no.

HOWEVER, there is another glitch to this “Cannot Connect to App Store” problem.  OK, this is the scenario, at least for me.

I opened up a US iTunes account with the iTunes Gift Card I got from Mactivity here in Hong Kong.  I can buy basically anything from the US iTunes Store as long as I have enough money credited to that account via the Gift Cards.

But since I can access the iPad apps from my Hong Kong iTunes Store, I tend to buy the apps there as I do not have to use my US account credit balance (because I got the Gift Card for a premium added, a US$15 card cost me HK$180 here).

OK, here comes the fun part, going back to the top of the post, say you successfully logged into the App Store on your iPad and you see two updates available for your iPad apps.  Like me. the two apps probably purchased from another iTunes Store, in my case, from the Hong Kong Store. Now if you try to install the update, it will boot you back out as (1) you are currently logged into the App Store with a US account, and (2) you will have problems re-entering the App Store on your iPad.  In order to get back in, go the the iPad settings, under “Sign Out” under the “Store” tab, and re-sign in again with your US account details. You should be able to log back in again.

I know all this sounds too troublesome but that’s how Apple works, at least for now.  Hope this helps.

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Apple iTunes Finally Let You Sync Music Between Computers – yay or nay?


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Apple iTunes Finally Let You Sync Music Between Computers – yay or nay?”. Click here for the full read.

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Rumored Apple Keynote Event on 9 September 2009 – Possible New iPods?

Multiple sources indicated that there might be a new release of the new generation of iPods with the possible inclusion of a camera and microphone.  Speculations indicated that the three possible versions are of 16, 32 and 64GB were a price tag of US$199, US$299 and US$399 respectively. Possible upgrade to iTunes 9 is said to be included as well.

As for the Apple Tablet, according to Gizmodo, “They went on to say that although the project (Apple Tablet) has been going on under various names between four and six years, the first prototype was built around the end of 2008. Adding, “The time to market from first prototype is generally 6-9 months.” That would place the device’s release date in this holiday season. (Think not) They then said, “There was a question of what OS the device would run, too.” So the chances of it being announced at the upcoming keynote event is highly unlikely.

Stay tuned for more.

Source – Gizmodo

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Syncing Your iTunes Music to Your Phone

So all this time you’ve been thinking about getting your iTunes music onto your mobile phone, well, wait no more.

Sailing Media Sync from Sailing Software now can do just that, be it on the Mac or PC Windows platform (for selective Nokia, Sony and Sony Ericsson models).  However, Sailing Media Sync does not copy DRM-protected media, as it wouldn’t play on your device. When buying music from the iTunes Store, Sailing Software recommend looking for items labelled “iTunes Plus”. Music that has been ripped from CDs in MP3 or M4A format will sync without problems.

So head over to Sailing Software and check and see whether your phone is compatible.  For the download link, click here for Mac and here for PC Windows.

Source – Sailing Software via jkOnTheRun

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – More Woes in Updating iPhone 3G to V.2.0.1


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “More Woes in Updating iPhone 3G to V.2.0.1”. Click here for the read.

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What Currency is Itunes Store Charging Us

iTunes Store Screen Capture

iTunes Store Screen Capture

Was chatting with my reader Maverick over Meebo yesterday and one of the topics we came across was what currency the iTunes Store is charging for the iPhone applications here in Hong Kong.  Is it HK$ or US$.  Well, in case anyone of you out there have the same question, the answer is US$.  Bought Texas Hold’em last week from the iTunes Store and the charge was US$4.99 on my Visa.  Hope this help and thanks Maverick for bringing this up.

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iTunes Store HK is Live BUT……

But only applications for iPhone and iPod.  No movies, no songs, no nothing……

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