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100 Reasons to JailBreak your iPhone Video

This vid is generating a lot of hits, see if it will persuade you to JB your phone.

Source – Jailbreak Matrix

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iOS 4.3.2 Just Out so is the Jailbreak

Shortly after the iOS 4.3.2 was released, it was reported that it could be successfully jailbroken using custom PwnageTool bundles.  For the complete how-to guide, head over to Redmond Pie.

Source – Redmond Pie via Ubergizmo

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PwnageTool 2.0.3 Out, But Wait

The new version is out but according to the latest blog post from the iPhone-dev.org,

Source – blog.iPhone-dev.org

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First Look – New iPhone Firmware 2.0 Jailbreak Version

Source – reimic

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1.1.4 Automatic Jailbreak + get iPhone apps. for iPod Touch

Source – ipodtouchmaster

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iPhone Firmware v.1.1.4 Jailbroken


The new iPhone firmware v.1.1.4 been jailbroken by Mac users.  So if you have a Mac and an iPhone, you can start on it now.  For details, check out iNdependence’s site here.

Source – IntoMobile

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iPhone Firmware v.1.1.4 Released

“The new code “fixes bugs and supersedes all previous versions,” so if you like your third-party applications and all the joy that comes with a jailbroken iPhone, you’ll want to stay away from the iPhone v1.1.4 firmware. At least, you’ll want to hold off on updating to the new firmware until the iPhone hacking community jailbreaks the iPhone v1.1.4 firmware.”

Above extract from IntoMobile, link here.

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Newest anySim 1.3 to Unlock iPhone Firmware v.1.1.3

IntoMobile have the full instruction posted to unlock the sim for the iPhone firmware v.1.1.3 after jailbreaking it and I’m extracting them here for your easy reference. Requirement: Bootloader 3.9.

1. Make sure your iPhone v1.1.3 has baseband 4.03.13_G firmware (you can check this under Settings>General>About>Modem Firmware .

2. Verify that you are running the bootloader version 3.9 and NOT bootloader version 4.6.
If you are unsure, check your serial number (we’re looking at the 3rd, 4th, and 5th number in the sequence. If you see “745” or lower, than chances are you have the 3.9 bootloader (unless you messed with the bootloader specifically).The 3rd number (“7”) indicates the year of manufacture, the 4th and 5th numbers indicate the week of manufacture.

If you have “745” or higher (750, for example), you’ll want to double check your bootloader version. To do that, fire up Installer.app and add “installer.iclarified.com” to your “Source” list. Find out how to do that here. Install “Baseband Info.” Find the “BBinfo” application on your homescreen and run it. You are looking for Bootloader Version 3.9 – if you see 4.6, you probably have an “out-of-the-box” (OTB) v1.1.3 iPhone and cannot unlock your iPhone v1.1.3.

I have a “724” so I definitey had the 3.9 bootloader, which is what we are looking for.

So, once you have verified that you can unlock your v1.1.3 iPhone, let’s set your iPhone to “Never” Auto-lock. Goto your homescreen, then navigate to Settings>General>Auto-lock>Never. This is important, make sure you set your iPhone to NEVER lock. You will be sorry if you don’t.

4. Fire up Installer.app, make sure it’s updated to Installer 3.0 (update if necessary), and add “installer.iclarified.com” to your “Source” list (if you haven’t already done so in the previous step). Here’s how.

5. Go to the “iClarified” category and download/install “anySIM 1.3” – Hit that big red “Install” button, it won’t bite.
If you find that the installer downloads anySIM1.3 but quits when it tries to install anySIM1.3, you probaby need to free up more room in your iPhone’s application directory. Uninstall some third-party applications to free up room, then try to install “anySIM 1.3” again.

Back on the homescreen, navigate to Settings>Airplane Mode, set it to “On

7. Get to your homescreen, find the anySIM icon and fire ‘er up. It looks like this:

anySIM 1.3 icon

8. You’ll see the anySIM application splash screen, click “OK” and then “Slide to Unlock”.

9. Scroll down to the bottom of the legalese section and hit the “Ok, Unlock my iPhone” button.

10. Sit back and wait. This is why we previously set the iPhone to NEVER lock. If you didn’t follow that step and forgot to set your iPhone Auto-lock to “Never,” keep touching the screen during the unlocking process – this might keep you from bricking your iPhone. It will take 5-10 minutes, so you’re in for a good wait. Be patient.

11. When all is done, you will have an unlocked iPhone v1.1.3. Go disable Airplane mode, pop in your non-sanctioned SIM card. Cheers!

anySIM 1.3 unlock successful

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    iPhone Unlock Card? Close but Not


    What can you get out of this US$30 Brando iPhone unlock card? Unlocking or jailbreaking your iPhone? Not. What it does is it actually fools your iPhone to believe that the SIM card is an AT&T SIM card, thus allowing you to make calls and access all basic applications such as mail, google map and SMS. But judging by the pic below (from Brando’s site), you would seem to need to cut off the corner of your SIM card in order to get this working, too bad not much literature on Brando’s site in regarding how the SIM card should be attached.

    All pics from mobile.brando.com.hk

    Another thing, according to the Brando site, this so-called unlock card would only work for firmware up to v.1.1.2. So far, feedbacks from a number of iPhone user forums reported significant lag while using communication applications pertaining to the SIM card. But nonetheless, a clever alternative.

    Source – ubergizmo

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    iPhone Firmware v.1.1.3 Jailbreak Released

    Woot, it is finally released but is it legal? That’s the question been raised around the iPhone Development Team and all over related forums.  This jailbreak, available for Windows and Mac, allows for the installation of third-party applications, requires that your iPhone be jailbroken to v.1.1.1 or v.1.1.2.  For detail instructions on how to jailbreak, head over to cre.ations.net.

    Source – iPhone Atlas

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    iPod Touch Applications Upgrade Not Happening in Hong Kong


    Just got off the phone with the Apple Hong Kong Hotline Rep. Bad news. Those here in Hong Kong would not be able to get the applications upgrade as announced earlier at the MacWorld Expo for their iPod Touch. (see my previous post on Mail, Maps and other Applications Coming to iPod Touch). Unless you have an account with the US, UK or Japan or any iTune Music Store, you would not be able to purchase the upgrade. Now this really sucks for those who bought them in town. However, the Apple Hotline Rep did mentioned that the iPod Touch on sale here hereonafter will have the latest firmware and the applications installed.

    My take on this, revert it back to v.1.1.1 and jailbreak for the apps if you have bought it before the MacBook Expo. What was Apple thinking. Besides, they should have long opened the local iTune Music Store.

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    iPhone Firmware v.1.1.2 Out


    Photo from Engadget

    It’s out, it’s official, jailbroken yet? No.  Read the updates on the iPhone firmware v.1.1.2 on Engadget.  Meanwhile we heard that the v.1.1.2 firmware on the iPod Touch is hacked.

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    iPhone Firmware v1.1.2 – Launching in UK on Friday

    As reported by engadget, the new firmware will be launching together with the iPhone release in UK this coming Friday.  Whether the firmware will be a general release, no body knows yet, but a  good chance.  So double check and make sure auto-update is not turned on.  From engadget, “Besides support for French and German keyboard layouts and characters, the other notable change is the shuttering of the TIFF exploit used to jailbreak and then install (and unlock) third party applications on the 1.1.1 iPhone and iPod touch.”

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    How to Downgrade Bricked iPhone (v1.1.1) to v1.0.2

    Check the following link on how to turn your bricked iPhone (as a result of upgrade of firmware to v.1.1.1) back to the old Firmware v.1.0.2 version.  This comes in handy if you, like me, prefer to stay on the v.1.0.2 platform till v.1.1.1 is all stable.

    Downgrading Baseband – Unbricking 1.1.1 Upgrade

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