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LG KS20 Announced in Hong Kong, Available Next Week


Photo from GSMArena

The long-awaited LG KS20 is finally announced in Hong Kong and will be available next week. Going price is HK$3,980 (US$510) with an extra battery and desk-top charger. Very good price when compare with the HTC Cruise which have similar specs. For the time being, read on the latest review from GSMArena here.


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LG KS20 @ Mobile World Congress 2008 in Barcelona

From our friends over at AVING, check out the latest video on the LG KS20 at the Mobile World Congress. The latest word from LG Hong Kong is that the phone will be coming out Feb/March, ya I know, pretty vague reply there.

Source – AVING

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PhoneArena’s Video Review of the LG KS20

PhoneArena have this new video review up on the LG KS20, for the written review, check out the following link, click here. Acoording to the review, the sound quality of the phone and the processor speed are not too impressive, check it out yourself.

Source – PhoneArena

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Video Review on LG KS20 Video Playback and Google Map App

Yet another video on the LG KS20, this time on the video playback and Google Map. The video playback looks pretty smooth and the Google Map looks fast to load.

Second video on FTouchFlo, HTC Phone Pad and PocketCM Contacts on LG KS20

Source – martintoft

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iPhone Interface on LG KS20

Damn, this is hot, no news as to where we can get this software from, will continue to dig, meanwhile, drool over this vid like the HTC Cruise one.

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LG KS20 vs HTC Touch Dual vs HTC Cruise Full Comparison

Come this Christmas if you’re going to shop for a 3G Windows Mobile 6 phone, you might have a tough time deciding on which one to get as there are some really nice phones launched or going to launch right before Christmas. The 3 strong candidates are the HTC Touch Dual, the HTC Cruise and the LG KS20 aka the next generation Prada phone. As I have been receiving much queries on the 3 phones, I think it’s best to put together a comparison chart to help people decide.


It’s hard to say who’s the outright winner but my votes goes with the HTC Cruise due to the next generation TouchFLO user-interface and the battery life. For more info, check my previous posts on the 3 phones.

First Look – Prada-like Pocket PC Phone – LG KS20
A Long Review on the LG KS20
Video Review – the Next Generation Prada Phone – LG KS20
First Look – HTC Touch Cruise
Review – HTC Touch Cruise
More Videos on the HTC Cruise
First Look – HTC Touch Slide (now codename HTC Touch Dual)
Review – HTC Touch Dual

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A Long Review on the LG KS20

As usual, the::unwired came up with an excellent review on the upcoming LG KS20, the next generation Prada phone. Their take on the phone was similar to what I mentioned in my previous post, More Videos on the HTC Cruise, i.e. the lack of the TouchFLO features,

“While the lack of TouchFLO features hurts (no grab and scroll), the lack of a thumb-optimized hurts even more, especially if we are talking about a mass-market compatible mobile phone. This is something, LG has urgently to improve to make it really competeable with other thumb-optimized devices. Sure, most of the missing features can be installed in addition anyway but for such a device I expect a thumb-friendly experience out of the box.” – the::unwired

The::unwired review covered the user-interface, the smart menu, the handwritten notes, the camera quality and the 3G(UMTS) video calls.  All in all, yet another great review.

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More Videos on the HTC Cruise

Close comparison with the iPhone

Long unboxing and review on the HTC Cruise (in French tho)

Three weeks ago if you asked me what phone I will be getting this Christmas, if any, I will tell you it’s the LG KS20. Two weeks ago, my answer will be the HTC Touch Dual. Come this week, it is the HTC Cruise.

Reasons –

  • the HTC TouchFLO interface (obviously only the HTC have them)
  • WiFi which the HTC Dual lacks (LG KS20 have)
  • faster processor speed than the LG KS20 (same speed as the HTC Dual)
  • GPS (ultimate)
  • FM Radio (LG KS20 have it too, HTC Dual don’t have)
  • larger screen size @ 2.8″ (same as LG KS20 but larger than the HTC Dual’s 2.6″)
  • 3.2 megapixels camera (the other two have 2.0 megapixels)

Checked with local HTC and we can expect it here in Hong Kong before Christmas.

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Video Review – the Next Generation Prada Phone – LG KS20

Following my last post, First Look – Prada-like Pocket PC Phone – LG KS20, the::unwired ran two video reviews on the LG KS20 on the phone’s features.  Couple issues in regarding the phone popped from these two videos and some of them are hindering me from getting this phone.  Some of the issues noted so far –

  • cannot customize the LG sub-menus;
  • LG uses a Broadcom Bluetooth stack instead of the – for Windows Mobile 6 devices (not sure whether there’s an impact); and
  • the inbuilt FM radio works only with a connected stereo headset only (wired)

Check out the videos at the following link –

VIDEOVIEW: Vodafone LG KS20 – Features I
VIDEOVIEW: Vodafone LG KS20 – Features II

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First Look – Prada-like Pocket PC Phone – LG KS20


Photo from SlashGear

[3 September] Yup, it’s launched at the IFA 2007 and no, it’s not the second generation Prada phone. This is the all new Windows mobile 6 from LG. Not much released on the specification yet but so far what we know is that the phone have 3.5G HSDPA data transfer speed and a CPU similar to that on board the HTC Kaiser. Read more on the coverage of the IFA 2007 from SlashGear, link here.

[Updated: 11 September]

Initial specs, 5 megapixels, 120fps video recording and a 3-inch touch screen.

[Updated: 8 November]

Well, decided I’m going to get this phone which is launced in Europe already. Click the following link, http://ks20.lgmobile.com (under international sire) for the interactive demo, love a lot of the new features.

Final Specs on the LG KS20 –

The specs of LG-KS20:

Networks – GSM/GPRS/EDGE 900/1800/1900 MHz and WCDMA/HSDPA 2100 MHz
OS – Windows Mobile 6 Professional
Display – 2.8” touchscreen 240×320 pixels
WAP 2.0, Java 2.0
Bluetooth 2.0, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g
Onboard memory – 128 MB
2-megapixel camera, frontal VGA-camera
Battery – 1050 mAh
Talk time – up to 4 hours
Standby time – up to 400 hours
Dimensions – 99.8x58x12.8 mm
Weight – 95 g

[Updated: 15 November] First look review up on PhoneDaily (in Chinese) with tons of pics, link here. I’m seriously considering getting this one over the HTC Touch Dual.

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