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Apple to Launch Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard on 28 August 2009

[Update: 26 August 2009] You can order it at Apple Online Store now.

[25 August 2009] It’s official, Apple announced that the Mac OS X 10.6 will be available on 28 August 2009.  According to Macworld, “Snow Leopard will be available at the price of $29 for those customers upgrading from Leopard; a family pack of five licenses is available for $49. Users upgrading from earlier versions can buy the $169 Mac Box Set which also includes iLife ’09 and iWork ’09 or the five-user family pack for $229. Those who purchased a qualifying Mac on or after June 8, 2009 can take advantage of Apple’s $10 Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program. All versions of Mac OS X Snow Leopard require an Intel processor, 1GB of memory, and 5GB of free disk space.”

[20 August 2009] According to an article on Macworld today, Apple might ship the new Mac OS X 10.6 code-named Snow Leopard as early as 28 August 2009.  Hopefully this is true as I’ve been waiting for this since it was announced.  Stay tuned.

Source – Macworld


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First Look Video – Bodega (App Store) for Mac

Caught this video from SoldierKnowsBest on Bodega, an iPhone/iPod App Store look-a-like for Mac applications.  Well, there isn’t a lot of apps on Bodega as of now but I’m sure this concept would be catching.  Check out this review video from SoldierKnowsBest.

Product link – Bodega (http://appbodega.com/)

Source – SoldierKnowsBest

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Hong Kong – Mac OS X Snow Leopard Up-to-Date Program


Image from Apple

This from Apple Hong Hong,

Mac OS X Snow Leopard refines the elegant Mac OS X user experience with lots of little touches and performance improvements that will make using your Mac even more enjoyable. It also includes a few big foundation technologies designed to tap the power of today’s computer hardware and provide a strong base for innovation. If you’ve purchased a qualifying computer or Xserve on or after June 8, 2009 that does not include Mac OS X Snow Leopard, you can upgrade to Mac OS X Snow Leopard for HK$80.*

This program ends December 26, 2009. Your completed order form must be postmarked or faxed within 90 days of the date of your purchase of a qualifying computer or Xserve (described in this offer) or by December 26, 2009, whichever is earlier.

Expected Product Availability: September 2009

Source – Apple Hong Hong

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Mac Back to School Sale is Out

If you’re a student, faculty, or staff member and you buy a new Mac until September 8, you can get a free iPod touch.

Buy a qualifying Mac and iPod from the Apple Online store for Education or a participating Apple Authorized Campus Store from May 28, 2009, until September 8, 2009, and receive a rebate of up to HK$ 1,850 via mail in rebate.

For details, hit the apple store link here, http://store.apple.com/hk/browse/campaigns/back_to_school?mco=MTg4ODM5Mw

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Finger – Turning Your iPhone/iPod into a Chinese Writing Tablet


My buddy Belle Liu over at Beansbox just teamed up with Headnix and Zendesk this past week by launching one exciting application for both your iPhone/iPod and Mac (PC Support coming soon).  Finger is a great application that automatically pairs up your iPhone and your Mac over WiFi and then turning your iPhone as an input tablet.  Just like using your Chinese input method on your iPhone while composing email or SMS.

The app currently cost US$7.99 and is available via http://thisfinger.com.

Check it out, sure you’re gonna love it.

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Apple Online Sale – 14 January 2009


For those in Hong Kong, mark next Wednesday down on your calendar, Apple online is having a sale on that day.  I checked and the newly announced MacBook Pro 17″ is listed but not sure how much discount we’ll be getting.

Some of the stuff I’ll be looking for is the power support air jacket for iPod, iLife 09 and the Sennheiser MM 50 iP Earphones for iPhone.

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Picasa Beta Available on Mac Now

Finally, Google released the Picasa for Mac beta. Check it out here.

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New Apple Ads

Source – getamac

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Apple Launching NetBooks? The MacNetBooks?

Word is all over the street that Apple might be launching a US$800 NetBook at an invitation-only Town Hall event, “The spotlight turns to notebooks” in Cupertino next Tuesday, October 14th at 10AM PDT.  So what can you expect from a US$800 price tag MacNetBook? 10-inch screen, aluminum casing, dedicated graphics memory…. guess we have to wait and find out.

Check out the following articles for more –

EXCLUSIVE: Apple to launch $800 laptop by Duncan Riley from Inquisitr

3 reasons why and how we’ll see an Apple netbook soon by Kevin C Tofel over at jkOnTheRun

Source – Inquistr, jkOnTheRun

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Great Application – Fantasktik for Mac

can easily switch to other opened windows by clicking them on the taskbar

Ever since I joined the Mac family, I always missed the application bar at the bottom of the PC screen where I can switch easily between opened windows (applications) whereas on the Mac, I have to either use spaces or have to minimize the active windows one by one.  This week, I came across this awesome application that would do just that a simple job and yeah, I’m buying it (US$9.99), the Fantasktik Taskbar easily. Just hover over a window and Fantasktik will display a smooth animation to show the window contents as a preview (a pretty big one), making window identification easy and fast. Check it out yourself.

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Adium Updated, Now with Facebook

Adium, the awesome instant messenger for Mac OS X just updated to version 1.3 and Facebook chat is now included, woot.

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I Crossed Over to Mac, WOOT

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I ventured into the Mac world.  Bought my first Mac (the MacBook Pro) finally after 20+ years into computing.  Wasn’t sure that I would be too comfortable with the switch, I felt like an elderly learning how to read and write all over during my first week with the MacBook Pro.  But thanks to a few Mac friends out there, especially Belle over at BeansBox, who lend me “The Rough Guide to Macs and OS X” (really good read, thanks Belle), the switching seems to be quite smooth as I move into the second week.  This week, I will be working my ways around the video editing program, iMovie, and see whether it have enough juice for me to edit videos with my new camcorder, Sony HDR-SR11E (will blog on the new camcorder later this week).

Well, some would ask why the switch? the answer is the attractive price offer in the back-to-school special from Apple.  HK$13,900 for the 2.4GHz Intel Core 2 Duo MacBook seems pretty reasonable to me.  Remember last week I blogged about the price slash on the SSD version of the MacBook Air? Well, that price slash is reflected in the special as well (for only HK$19,900).  For those who want even better deals, check out the Apple certified refurbished Macs, for example a Refurbished iMac 24-inch 2.8GHz Intel Core 2 Extreme with 2GB memory, 500GB hard drive and ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO with 256MB memory cost only HK$12,468.

For those who’s thinking about switching as well, there’s a good article, Some General Tips for Switch to Mac From Windows, from Mossberg last week, check it out.

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Ad War – Get a Mac or Get a PC

Get a Mac Ad

Source – getamac

Get a PC Ad

Source – TheOnlyKingArthur

You figure this one out.

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