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How to Install Windows XP on the HP 2133 Mini-Note

jkOnTheRun posted an article on how to downgrade the Windows Vista version of the HP 2133 Mini-Note to Windows XP, I’ve linked the instructions below from bsumpter over at notebookreview.com’s forum since Heyman just asked for it, hope it helps.  Full thread on the post is linked here.

1) Plug in USB DVD / CD drive, insert WinXP disk.
2) Boot computer, hitting F9 at bootup to choose boot volume.
3) Choose your DVD / CD drive to boot from, then hit any key to boot from CD.
4) During XP setup, blow away all existing paritions (leave the small 400mb if you ever plan on reinstalling Suse Linux – I did not).
5) Format as NTFS – I used the “Quick” option as it takes forever the other way.
6) Install XP as normal from here forward.
7) Once installed, grab the Broadcom Ethernet driver and install it via CD or SD card:
8) Once you have a working NIC, connect to the internet, activate your copy of XP, and go to the “Windows Update”.
9) From Windows Update, choose “Custom” and install all of the hardware drivers it offers.
10) Reboot.
11) At this point, everything should be working except sound and HP Quicklaunch button support.
12) Download the KB888111 patch and install for the first part of the sound fix:
13) Download the Vista sound drivers for the Mini-Note from the HP website:
14) Run the install for the file above. It will unzip to a folder of your choosing, try to run, and then bomb because you don’t have Vista.
15) Go to Device Manager, double click on the “?” for sound device, choose Update Driver, and point it at the Vista driver folder unzipped by the above application.
16) At this point, you should have sound when finished.
17) Install the HP QuickLaunch button drivers (it’s under “Official Site 1”):
18) Ignore the popups for new hardware during this install – they will go away on their own.
19) Hit the “Start” button, click “Run”, then type “msconfig”.
20) Once inside msconfig, click the “Startup” tab on the right, and turn OFF “smax4pnp”.
21) Reboot.

Source – bsumpter via jkOnTheRun

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Vista on Eee PC

Does that make sense at all? why would anyone want to do that?

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Outlook 2007 Gadgets for Windows Sidebar


Check out the Outlook 2007 sidebar gadget for Vista at Microsoft Outlook Team Blog, link here. I installed them and really loving it.

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Leopard VS Vista


Photo from engadget

Guys over at engadget compiled a great comparison table between the two OS on their out of the box features.  The final score of the duel, Leopard 45 and Vista 41.  Click here to check it out.

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Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager

From Microsoft Research –

We are happy to introduce Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager 2.2 with support for Windows Vista and Outlook 2007. Microsoft Outlook Mobile Manager (OMM) brings the power of Microsoft Outlook to your portable device. OMM can prioritize your messages and makes smart decisions about when to send email. OMM also sends calendar reminders, task reminders, and an Outlook Today style daily summary all to your wireless device.

New in version 2.2

  • Supports POP3, in addition to Exchange email accounts.
  • Enhanced support for native junk-email filters.
  • Extended personalization to examples from arbitrary folders
  • Multiple user-interface enhancements
  • Support for Windows Vista/Outlook 2007
  • For related download and FAQ, please click here.

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    Windows Mobile Device Center


    ActiveSync is out, Windows Mobile Device Center (WMDC) is in, WOOT. The new WMDC is the synchronization client for the Microsoft Vista and it features the following:

    • Streamlined setup – A simplified new partnership wizard and improved partnership management.
    • Robust synchronization – Synchronization of business-critical data such as e-mail, calendars, contacts, tasks, favorites, and files.
    • Enhanced user interface – A simple and compelling user interface helps you to quickly access critical tasks and configure your device.
    • File browsing – A new device browsing experience enables you more quickly browse files and folders and open documents on your device directly from your PC.
    • Photo management – Picture management helps you detect new photos on your Windows Mobile powered device, tag and import them to the Windows Vista Photo Gallery.
    • Media synchronization – Use Microsoft Windows Media Player to synchronize and shuffle music files on your device.

    Jason Langridge posted a very thorough overview on the WMDC on his blog, highly recommended for those planning on installing. The link to Jason’s blog is here.

    Another good run-through from Arne Hess of the unwired can be found here also.

    For download details, click the following link: http://www.microsoft.com/windowsmobile/devicecenter.mspx.

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    Microsoft Vista Upgrade Guide, Part 1 Software


    Engadget is running a very thorough 2-part upgrade guide on the Microsoft Vista. The first part talks about the software whilst the second part, the hardware. Click here for the guide.

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    Microsoft Vista Goes Live


    Photo from Engadget

    The long-awaited Microsoft Vista is finally out. Click here for a run down of the launch event, brought to you by Engadget. Some very nice pics inside. Meanwhile back at the farm, I am busy filling out forms for my Vista free upgrade on my ASUS G1 and new HP Pavilion. No time to chat.

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    Microsoft Office alternative – ThinkFree


    With the launch of Microsoft Vista coming soon, that means the new version of Microsoft Office will be launching soon too. For someone like me who have 4 computers at home, obtaining a legitimate licence for each of them could be pretty hefty.

    With Christmas around the corner, I want to introduce you all to an alternative to Microsoft Office, see it as a Christmas gift, and it is Thinkfree, an online office which features the following –

    – store 1GB of documents for free
    – create, view, and edit Microsoft Office compatible files over the web
    – collaborate using group editing and file sharing
    – publish documents to our DocExchange, your web pages, blogs, or Internet applications
    – quickly search from published or private files for the exact file you need

    Sign up at the following link.

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