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iPhone 3G is Great As Long As:

Came across this great comment while reading my RSS feeds today.  This from maxonly on Macworld‘s article, “Looking for a fix for Apple’s iPhone fix”,

iPhone 3G is great as long as:

1. you are always close to a power supply (poor battery life)

2. never want to copy a photo, song, contact, ringtone or application from other than ONE Mac or PC

3. never want to copy anything from the iphone to anything else (unless you email it)

3. don’t want to customize how your text messages are saved

4. don’t want to customize alarm volume compared to ringer volume (it’s all the same)

5. never need to forward a text message!

6. never need to copy and paste anything.

7. want to ALWAYS be discoverable by bluetooth devices

8. want to search endlessly for other bluetooth devices

9. never want to add any words to the predictive text dictionary

10. don’t mind dropped calls!

other than those things, it’s really great

Source – Macworld


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