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More Videos on the HTC Cruise

Close comparison with the iPhone

Long unboxing and review on the HTC Cruise (in French tho)

Three weeks ago if you asked me what phone I will be getting this Christmas, if any, I will tell you it’s the LG KS20. Two weeks ago, my answer will be the HTC Touch Dual. Come this week, it is the HTC Cruise.

Reasons –

  • the HTC TouchFLO interface (obviously only the HTC have them)
  • WiFi which the HTC Dual lacks (LG KS20 have)
  • faster processor speed than the LG KS20 (same speed as the HTC Dual)
  • GPS (ultimate)
  • FM Radio (LG KS20 have it too, HTC Dual don’t have)
  • larger screen size @ 2.8″ (same as LG KS20 but larger than the HTC Dual’s 2.6″)
  • 3.2 megapixels camera (the other two have 2.0 megapixels)

Checked with local HTC and we can expect it here in Hong Kong before Christmas.

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First Impression Review – HTC Shift

Following the unboxing videos, Chippy from UMPC Portal shared with us his thoughts on the HTC Shift.  His verdict –

“Short battery life really takes some of the excitement away from the Shift and not being able to thumb the keyboard reduces its capability in a two-handed mode. Lack of disk space reduces its ability to be used as a media device and the snap-vue features are far better located on a smartphone if quick email access is something you require. On the positive side it is better than most UMPCs of 2006. It beats the Q1 for features. Its got a far brighter screen than many other umpcs and the touchscreen is excellent for finger usage. The keyboard isn’t for touch typing but its well engineered and I’ve managed to reach some fairly high speed typing rates. Add broadband-quality cellular Internet,access the great styling and what I consider to be a good value price point and you’ve got a great package.”

Full article here.

After reading the article, I asked myself whether I will be getting it.  The answer is NO.  The battery, the weight, the data input methods are all factors that hinders my decision.  With my Sony UX-27 (still have it, hehe), the Fujitsu T2010 and the BandRich C100 7.2Mbps HSDPA 3.5G Modem still in my arsenal, I’m good as any road warrior, at least for the time being.

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Google Map 2.0 with My Location

Excerpt from Google press release –

“Google today announced the release of version 2.0 of Google Maps for mobile, its innovative and widely used mobile mapping and local search application. New in v2.0 is a beta version of Google’s “My Location” technology, which uses cell tower ID information to provide users with their approximate location, helping them determine where they are, what’s around them, and how to get there.

Google is committed to providing users with quick and easy access to the information they need, no matter when or where they need it. Location information makes mobile mapping and search faster and more convenient, but the most common source of location information to date — GPS technology — is supported on fewer than 15 percent of the mobile phones expected to be sold in 2007. With Google’s new My Location technology, users who don’t have GPS-enabled mobile phones will now be able to take advantage of the added speed and convenience afforded by location information. The My Location technology also complements GPS-enabled devices, as it delivers a location estimate faster than GPS, provides coverage inside buildings (where GPS signals can be unreliable), and doesn’t drain phone batteries as quickly as GPS. Whether users are trying to locate a restaurant in an unfamiliar neighborhood, get directions to the nearest hotel while traveling, or just find a place to grab some coffee while shopping for the holidays, Google Maps for mobile with My Location can help them get what they need quickly and easily.

The My Location technology takes information broadcast from cell towers and sifts it through Google-developed algorithms to approximate a user’s current location on the map. This approximation is anonymous, as Google does not gather any personally identifiable information or associate any location data with personally identifiable information as part of the My Location feature. The feature can also be easily disabled by anyone who prefers not to use it. The My Location technology is available on most smartphones, including all color BlackBerry devices, all Symbian Series 60 3rd Edition devices, most Windows Mobile devices, newer Sony Ericsson devices, and some Motorola devices.”

Press here for full press release.

While on the topic, in regarding cell tower ID information, I still remember back in 2002 while I was in Bangkok, the cell phone can reveal my location (thanks to the Thai operators) and to an extent tells me what Soi (street) I’m on. That was a great function especially for tourist who cannot position themselves on the map. But meanwhile back at the farm, the local Hong Kong telecom operators just can’t do jack. Let’s hope it works this time around with the new Google maps.

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Another Look at the Amazon Kindle

Yet another great video review on the Amazon Kindle from the guys over at technologyevangelist. Was talking about the Kindle with some friends over drinks today and they were a bit worried about the download of books since we’re outside the USA (thus no access to the Sprint’s EV-DO ‘Whispernet’ Service).  Well, I told them from what I read so far, there’s a built-in USB port which people can use while they’re outside the USA and the only way to transfer content is through a USB connection from the PC.  Amzon also stated that will not download information overseas. However, they do plan on having it be able to operate overseas in the future, but had no timeline just of yet.

While I’m at it, check out the following article from Mike Elgan from Computerwold “Opinion: Why Amazon’s Kindle is revolutionary”  Definitely a read read on the Kindle.

Source –MobilitySite 

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Video Review – the Next Generation Prada Phone – LG KS20

Following my last post, First Look – Prada-like Pocket PC Phone – LG KS20, the::unwired ran two video reviews on the LG KS20 on the phone’s features.  Couple issues in regarding the phone popped from these two videos and some of them are hindering me from getting this phone.  Some of the issues noted so far –

  • cannot customize the LG sub-menus;
  • LG uses a Broadcom Bluetooth stack instead of the – for Windows Mobile 6 devices (not sure whether there’s an impact); and
  • the inbuilt FM radio works only with a connected stereo headset only (wired)

Check out the videos at the following link –

VIDEOVIEW: Vodafone LG KS20 – Features I
VIDEOVIEW: Vodafone LG KS20 – Features II

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OQO 02 Review

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Source – mobilitysite

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Technology Preview — EverNote for Pocket PC and Windows Smartphone


PocketPC version 


Windows Smartphone version (Photos from EverNote) 

EverNote for PocketPC and Windows Smartphone is finally out. Yet to test drive it but will do so this week and let you all know how it goes.

Features –

  • Create new notes wherever you are: Tap notes in or write with your stylus whenever inspiration strikes
  • Take snapshot notes: Take snapshots with your mobile device’s camera and save the images as notes
  • Record audio notes: Record an audio note and play it back whenever you like
  • Access all your notes anytime: Your notes are stored locally on the mobile device and can be accessed anytime
  • Search all your notes: Search through text notes right on your mobile device. Transfer snapshot notes between your mobile device and desktop to take advantage of EverNote’s advanced image and text recognition.*
  • Have a consistent user experience: We’ve adapted the desktop UI for Windows-based mobile devices, so that you have a consistent experience across platforms.

Product page here (download link included).

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Application of the month – iDesktop.TV


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Application of the month – iDesktop.TV”. Click here for the link.

Here’s the excerpt –

If you’re a frequent YouTube user or to a certain extent, an addict, I just might have the application for you. iDesktop.TV, previously known as the YouTube Desktop, first launched its beta in August this year and was renamed and relaunched just last week.

The user interface let you watch multi videos on one screen by utilizing multiple players and there are four different aspect ratios for playing the videos. Videos are pulled off YouTube and the searching functions work just as well if not better. In addition, iDesktop.TV also allows users to import playlists or favorites from their YouTube user accounts.

Apart from all that, the single most useful function is that you can download any video and save it as avi, mp4 (ipod), mov, 3gp, 3gp2 (mobile), mov, wmv, flv, exe (built in standalone player) or even zip formats……

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Maroon 5 Live in HK, 19 March 2008


From this morning’s paper

Mark your calendar, Maroon 5 will hit Hong Kong coming 19 March 2008. Tickets will be on sale from today, November 26 and ticket prices are HK$290, 490 and 690.  Venue, where else, @ the AsiaWorld-Arena. For ticketing information, head over to livenationasia or HKTicketing.

[Capturing their first of two Grammys as Best New Artist of 2005, and going on to sell more than ten million albums worldwide, Maroon 5 won plaudits with the hybrid rock/R&B sound they introduced on their debut album Songs About Jane.]

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HTC Roadshow in Causeway Bay featuring the HTC Shift & the HTC Cruise

According to PhoneDaily, HTC Roadshow is up from now till this coming Friday, 30 November (from noon to 10:00pm), at 1 Yee Wo Street (across from Sogo), Causeway Bay and they are displaying the newest models for this coming Christmas season.  The long awaited HTC Shift, the HTC Cruise and the HTC S730 are all showcased at the roadshow.  So if you want to take a closer look at the HTC Shift, head down there this week.




Photos from PhoneDaily

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International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women – 25 November


Photo from un.org

On December 17, 1999, the United Nations General Assembly designated 25 November as the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women (Resolution 54/134). The UN invited governments, international organizations and NGOs to organize activities designated to raise public awareness of the problem on this day as an international observance. Women around the world are subject to rape, domestic violence and other forms of violence, and the scale and true nature of the issue is often hidden.

Source – wikipedia

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Video Review – Zune 30 vs Zune 80

Source – Jason Dunn from zunethoughts

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Finally Got My iPhone setup with Bluetooth Stereo Headphones (for both music and call)

[20 November] Finally found the solution in using my Bluetooth headphones with my iPhone for both music listening and call features. After weeks of browsing through numerous iPhone related forums, found a thread which indicated that an old Bluetooth dongle from Infinxx, the icombi AP21 works wonder with the iPhone. With the help of Frankie over at tomatomobile, I finally got hold of one last night and been testing it out today, and WOOT, it works with my Plantronics Pulsar 590A as well as my Philips SHB7100 Bluetooth headphones. Too bad I lost my Jabra BT8010 couple weeks ago or I’ll get to test that one out too.




My iPhone with the Infinxx icombi AP21

This combination been working flawlessly (it’s a pain pairing them up tho as the connection drops quite often after each use), only thing which boggles me is why this solution is not well covered by others, still seems to be a well kept secret, LOL.

For instructions on pairing the icombi AP21, your iPhone and your Bluetooth headphones, check out the following vid and the related post from everythingiCafe discussion forum as I am not going to repeat the steps here, hehe.

Post from everythingiCafe discussion forum – http://www.everythingicafe.com/forum/bluetooth/iphone-support-a2dp-2957.html.

[Updated: 23 November] Been getting a lot of queries in regarding the pairing problem.  After intensive testing the past 2 days, I noticed that the connection between the Bluettoth headphones and iPhone and the icombi AP21 could dropped after successfully paired if –

  • for incoming calls, you choose to answer with the iPhone instead of the Bluetooth headphones; and
  • you changed to different set of Bluetooth headphones

If that is the case, a reboot of the iPhone is needed to refresh the connection and the steps to it as follow –

  1. turn the Bluetooth headphones off
  2. unplug icombi AP21
  3. turn off iPhone
  4. restart iPhone
  5. turn on Bluetooth headphones (the Bluetooth sign on top of the iPhone menu bar should lit up indicating connection been made)
  6. plug in icombi AP21
  7. press “No” when the airplane mode menu pops
  8. wait for the beep sound thru the Bluetooth headphones indicating connection with the icombi AP21 been made

 That’s it, you should be set, once again.  Hope this helps, email me or drop comments if there’s further queries.

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Unboxing Video – HTC Shift

Holy moly, Chippy of UMPC Portal finally got hold of the HTC Shift and he posted the following unboxing vids, link here.  Still no news as to when the Shift is gonna be launched here in Hong Kong.  I want it bad….. 

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