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Get Your Ass Covered Review – GelaSkins for iPad 2

For those of you who are planning on getting an iPad 2 together with the Smart Cover, or who have already done so, one piece of advice….. get your ass (iPad 2) covered.  You definitely don’t want to have the back side wide open as you can get all the scratches on it, especially with the Apple logo (a big no no if you’re planning on selling it in the future).

In come GelaSkins, the company that specializes removable covers for portable devices. Their skins features stunning and photo-quality graphics ranging from fine art prints to contemporary urban images.  GelaSkins in fact is one of the few companies that have the whole product line ready before the iPad2 was launched.  Over 100 stock artworks are available or even best, use your own photo or art for the skins.  For now, GelaSkins only have the front and back cover set (US$29.95), and that comes with a wallpaper to match the artwork you choose.  For the iPad 2 back cover only, they do have the section up but no stock artwork yet, meaning one can only use their own photo or art.

UPS arrived this morning

GelaSkins for my iPad2

I ordered mine last week for my iPad 2.  Got the Charity: Water Logo on Black and Love Letters artworks and received them today.  The whole process of applying the skin to the iPad 2 took 5 minutes or so.  For now I’m leaving the front skins and the wall paper as I’m just using the black leather Smart Cover.  One thing I do notice while applying the skins is that one can easily pull the skins off and use another one, just stick it back to the sheet that it came with.  Thanks for the 3M technology GelaSkins uses.

Now for a limited time, you get one free skins if you order three from GelaSkins.

To let you get a better idea of how the GelaSkins work and look, I’ve linked this great video from metagamers below.

More pics after the jump…….

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My Response to MacBook Air or Pro?

My buddy and business partner over at PASM Workshop, Spike posted the question on his blog (Honkie Town) as to whether he should be getting a MacBook Air (MBA) or MacBook Pro.  After having my 13″ MacBook Air (1.86GHz, 2GB RAM, 128GB SSD) for two months, here’s my response.

“The newest MBA is nice really for those on the move MAC applications, that is if you have quite a bit of stuff to type up, be it with Pages or Numbers (don’t use Microsoft Office anymore, iWork is pure lovely just even to look at). Lightroom is ok for on the fly touch-up but definitely not for loading up tons of RAW files to work on at the end of the day (leave that to the desktop) plus given the limited storage on the SSD, you don’t want to do that, even if you store your pics over the cloud. Tried tethering with my Sony A900 together with Lightroom and it works fine with my MBA config.

Size wise, forget about the 11 inch MBA, tried it out at the store and the screen are WAY too small for US to look that though it’s really light and compact but what’s the use if you can’t read shit off it.

Speed wise, the MBA is fine even with the 1.86 GHz, guess I don’t have much stuff that need that much processing power.  The applications I uses most daily on it now are:

Postbox2 (excellent email client)
Busycal (substitute for MS Outlook)
Kindle (actually not bad at all on the Mac)

Another alternative is getting the refurbished MacBook Pro 2.53GHz, listed now for HK$8,688 for 4GB Ram and 250GB Hdd on the Hong Kong Apple Store. Not a bad deal at all.

My call….the basic config is good enough, HK$9,888 not a bad deal.  If you want it fast, tried calling all the Broadway and Fortress stores and ask whether they have stock, some of the megastores do carry one or two pieces.

Good luck shopping.”

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Cheap Alternative to Video DSLR Rig / Stabilizer – Manfrotto ModoSteady 585


Press pic to hop over to ModoSteady 585's product page


Okay, you probably have a Sony NEX-5 like I do, or the new lines of DSLR capable of shooting Full HD video like the Sony A33, A55, Nikon D3100 or Canon EOS 550D and you like me are probably looking for some sort of stabilization accessories so to enable you to shoot smoother video.

Of course one can go the professional way with systems like Redrock Nano (US$387.50 and up), Steadicam Merlin (US$849), Zacuto Target Shooter (US$475) and the list goes on and on, but these close to professional steady systems do cost a fortune.  One alternative I found over the weekend, is this ModoSteady585 from Manfrotto launched way back in 2007, some three years ago.

Originally designed for small video camcorders, the ModoSteady 585 can carry loads up to 750g or 1.7lb and the newer line of video DSLR fits just right in.  The ModoSteady 585 cost around HK$790 (US$100) and it sure does the job albeit mixed reviews since it was introduced.  I tried it out with my Sony NEX-5 and it just fits perfectly although the quick release plate is bit wide for the slim body of the NEX5 where the circular plate sticks out on both the front and rear sides of the camera. There are tons of video on the ModoSteady 585 on YouTube, check it out for yourself and see if this works for you.  It works for me.

Some pics of the ModoSteady 585 after the jump.

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – The Ultimate Bluetooth Stereo Headset that Works with the iPad & iPhone

My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “The Ultimate Bluetooth Stereo Headset that Works with the iPad & iPhone”. Click here for the full read.

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My Gears – iPad Camera Connection Kit

Got my shipment of iPad Camera Connection Kit and iTunes Gift Cards. The Camera Connection Kit comes in two, the adapter for importing photos and video from a USB camera or iPhone and a SD card reader for importing photos as well.  So far it works really well with the iPad.  Will test the USB adapter the next couple days to see if it works with other stuff.

Got a few extras, if you want one and don’t mind a tiny premium, drop me a note.

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iPad WiFi Duels Out with the iPad 3G, Complete Speed Test

A week after the launch of the Apple iPad 3G version, tons of it arrived shore in Hong Kong.  Germini of HKEPC Hardware forum did a very thorough testing of the two versions, the WiFi and the 3G versions. Here’s the link to the terrific thread (most are in English and tons of pics).  In addition, there’s also seven short videos on the speed tests between the two.

In short, what was noticed is that the WiFi upload and download times seems to outperform the 3G version. Check out the vids for more.

You can check out all his seven videos here at his YouTube channel.

Source – HKEPC, hksuspect888

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My iPad is in DA HOUSE

Just a quick post.  Finally can’t stand the heat and grabbed one on Friday off the Wanchai Computer Center, HK$6,500 for 32GB, fairly steep price.

Been playing around for two days and have noted that there are still a few questions amongst the users out there, see if I can clear out some of those.

  1. USB charging.  Noted a lot of people been posting the question regarding charging the iPad via USB, or problems should I say as for most of the non-Mac machines, the screen shows “Not Charging” when plugged into a PC.   I tested this extensively on three PCs and noted that since the iPad needs / requires 10W to charge up, it would show “Not Charging” on the screen, however, the iPad IS being charged under the hood, just a lot slower.  Reason behind this is that most PC’s USB doesn’t produce 10W power.  So fear not. Example, say if you have 50% left on your iPad and you plug it into your PC’s USB slot, wait half an hour or so and you will notice that the battery has gone up.  Another way to check it is just install the free app, “Pad Info”, once launched, you’ll noticed that it would state whether the battery is currently under charged.
  2. Do one really need a US iTunes account to get iPad apps? the answer is no.  Say for Hong Kong’s iTunes Store, although under Apps it would not show the iPad-specific apps, you can still search for them and they will show up, allowing you to buy it right on the spot, tnly thing that doesn’t show are the comments from US users.
  3. How to get / open a iTunes US account in Hong Kong? The easiest way is to get hold of an iTunes Gift Card, best to get it from a reputable outlet, say like Mactivity, but the rate of course is a lot higher (HK$188 for US$15 face value) than on eBay or Taobao.

Well, so much for now, gonna go watch some hoops playoff games.  Will update more along the way.

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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – My Take on the International Version of Kindle


My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – My Take on the International Version of Kindle”.  Click here for the full read.

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My Gears – iPhone 3G 16GB Unlock for Sale


Prime condition and no scratches.  16GB version.  Unlock from 3HK, warranty have expired.  Email me (gadget@hkphooey.hk) if you’re interested.  Selling price is HK$3,400 (non-negotiable).

Thanks for the great response guys, the iPhone is sold.

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My Gears + Review – Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 on iPhone 3Gs

Ever since I got my iPhone 3Gs, been wanting to get a new pair of Bluetooth headset to listen to my podcasts as my Plantronics Voyager 855 finally gave up on me (the connection on the detachable earpiece cable worn off), though still work on mono.  Been shopping around this past weekend and didn’t do much research into what the newest BT headsets have to offer (now this is dumb).

The design of the Sony Ericsson HBH-IS800 caught my eyes and I ditched out the dough right away, purely shopping on impulse and this is where the problem starts…..(only apply to iPhone 3G or 3Gs)



For the sound quality, the HBH-IS800 is considered one of the best BT headsets I’ve used (Plantronics Voyager 855, Philips SBH7100, Jabra BT8010 and Plantronics Pulsar 590A). The design is neat and clean with one button controlling practically everything, see pic below.



The headset comes with a clip for you to add onto the headset cable so to allow you to clip it to your shirt collar or jacket.


So the sound quality is good and the design neat, what’s the catch then….

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My Gears – MiLi Power Pack for iPhone 3GS

Been looking for a backup power pack for my iPhone 3GS and found the MiLi Power Pack for HK$398 (US$51).  This pack is stuffed with 2000mAh and it last a whole day when attached to my iPhone 3GS with 1/4 capacity left after 18-hours day.  It served a a cradle (can sync) while charging.  Another great feature of the MiLi Power Pack is that you have the ability to use its “OUT” port to charge most external USB compatible devices. Really nice.


Basic specs provided by MiLi-

  • weight: 79.5g
  • standby time: up to 390 hours
  • talktime: 6.5 hours on 3G phone and 13.5 hours on 2G
  • internet time: 6.5 hours surfing on 3G and 8 hours on Wi-Fi
  • audio playtime: up to 31 hours
  • video playtime: up to 9 hours
  • 4 LED buton to indicate battery level



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iPhone 3GS Review Coming Soon

Gonna take a week long to seriously test out the iPhone 3GS before I give you the lown down on the new version and the new OS.  Check back.

Two things noticed so far –

  • The iPhone 3GS is a lot faster than the 3G version
  • It does get warm fairly fast while surfing, serious overheat issues

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My Gears – iPhone 3GS is in DA House

Will update more later tonight, still updating the iPhone and installing apps.  So far the camera do look sweet and the speed a tibit faster.

Stay tuned.

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My Gears – Nikon Porter Bag for My Panasonic Lumix LX3 & Canon Powershot G10


The Nikon Porter Bag


With the Panasonic LX3

With the Canon G10

With the Canon G10

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