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CNET Asia Community Blog Entry – Signs of iPhone 5 Coming – iPhone 4 Prices Drop, iPhone 3GS Supplies Tightens

Image from Engadget

My new entry over at CNET Asia Community Blog is up. This week’s entry, “Signs of iPhone 5 coming – iPhone 4 prices drop, iPhone 3GS supplies tightens“. Click here for the full read.

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Life in a Day – 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries

What happens when you send a request out to the world to chronicle, via video, a single day on Earth? You get 80,000 submissions and 4,500 hours of footage from 192 countries. Producer Ridley Scott and Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald took this raw material — all shot on July 24, 2010 — and created Life in a Day, a groundbreaking, feature-length documentary that portrays this kaleidoscope of images we call life. National Geographic is bringing it to theaters starting in July. Prepare to be amazed and you will!

In theaters: 29 July 2011

First published on PASM Workshop on 29 July 2011

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The Complete Instagram App Guide

The past year definitely is the year for Instagr.am. Shortly after it’s initial launch back in October 2010, Instagr.am has gained over 7 million users which have shared over 100 million pictures and the numbers are climbing steeply, some predicted to reach 10 million by Thanksgiving. Alongside Instagr.am, a bunch of third-party apps follow suit, either as add-ons or get-on-the-wagon type useless apps. The list is ever-growing. To know which is the best amongst these apps, we need a complete guide or roadmap just to make sure that we’re getting the right app.

The Next Web (TNW) ran a very good story this week covering the major Instagram apps and breaking them down into different categories. To name a few, their story included apps like –

  • Inkstagram
  • Pictarine
  • ExtraGram
  • Webstagram
  • Gramfeed
  • Carousel
  • Flipboard
  • InstaFB
  • Gramjunction
  • Instadrop
  • Insta-Great…….

and the list goes on and on…. practically one can make an app and have “insta” or “stagram” as part of the name an it would work, LOL. For full read, go to the TNW link here. Hope your find the guide useful. Happy reading.

Source – TNW

First published on PASM Workshop on 26 July 2011

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Microsoft to Unveil Windows Mango Pones in Tokyo Today at 10:00am – Ustream Link Included

While we don’t know what Nikon is announcing at their upcoming press event, we know for certain that Microsoft is set to unveil the first Windows Phone “Mango” a press event today (Wednesday July 27) at 10am Tokyo time in Japan (check your local time here). According to liveside.net, Microsoft is expected to unveil the Toshiba-Fujitsu IS12T (TSI12) Windows Phone device to the Japanese market together with au KDDI and Toshiba-Fujitsu.

According to the official au by KDDI website, the press event will also be streamed live online on Ustream and if you want to watch the live event, check put liveside.net at 10am Tokyo time.

Source – liveside.net

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Nikon Set a Date for New Product Launch – D4? D800? D400?

According to Nikon Rumors, Nikon scheduled a press event on 24 August 2011 possibly to announce their new product(s). Could it be the D4? D800? or the new D400? No word yet but guess we’ll be hearing more along the way. Stay tuned.

Source – Nikon Rumors, www.reportagesphotos.fr

First published on PASM Workshop on 26 July 2011

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iOS Beta 4 First Look Video – Over the Air and Delta Update

This over-the-air update sure looks sweet.

Source – insanelygreatmac

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A Look at the Panasonic GH2 42Mbit AVCHD 1080/24p Video Hack

Vitality just released the first hack for the Panasonic GH2 which enables high bitrate AVCHD in 1080/24p cinema mode. Initial reviews on the hack from the guys over at EOSHD.com indicates that –

  • Noise now has a lovely film like fine grain, much more organic and less electronic looking
  • Noise smears far less detail
  • Low light performance is just better all round
  • Less compression appears to have helped with banding on gradated tones, looks closer to 10bit than 8bit!
  • Significantly better than the high bitrate MJPEG mode especially in low light
  • Colour seems improved, I am getting some beautifully rich tones out of it
  • Detail has increased and is much more solid looking, even with heavy camera movement

Check out more in the video or this link for more on the hack and instructions to apply the hack.

Source – EOSHD.com

First published on PASM Workshop on 19 July 2011

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Instadrop – Instant Sync Your Pics from Instagram to Dropbox

For those Instagram fanatics, apps for downloading their Instagram pics are abundant, like Copygram and Instaport, but one has to manually download the pics. In comes Instadrop, an app which automatically push all your Instagram pics to your Dropbox and in real time. Best yet, it’s web-based and free. Check out Instadrop at their weblink here.

對於那些喜歡使用 Instagram 的狂熱分子,可以供他們下載 Instagram照片的應用程式,像 CopygramInstaport,都是必須自己手動下載。Instadrop,一個全自動把所有 Instagram 照片即時下載到您的Dropbox的應用程序順應而生。最好的是,它是全免費的。Instadrop 的連結在此, 試玩一吓。

First published on PASM Workshop on 17 July 2011

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SLOW Upgrdade to OS X Lion?

Is it just me or is the download really slow? Just wondering while downloading the Lion to my MBA before I even dare to set it on the iMac. Well, guess I’m bored waiting.

23:00 Started downloading

23:45 Done downloading, installation commenced

24:15 Done installation

so not too bad after all on a MBA

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Most Apple Stores Down – We’re Almost There – Come Lion

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It’s Official – Google+ App on iTunes App Store


Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.

* Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
* Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
* Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

Google+ is only available for users 13 and older. You can get it from the link here or via iTunes Store.

For now, only available in the US iTunes Store, downloaded mine there, guess HK iTunes Store, as usual, is a week or so behind.

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Must Have Roadmap for Google+ Circles

Something we all need, a great roadmap for Google+ Circles. I found ten that I can follow suit.  Thanks buddy Casey Lau for this tweet.

Source – Not Safe For Work

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Awesome Read – The Art of iPhoneography

The Art of iPhoneography

iPhoneography – New Artform? New Format? or simply a new fad? Agree or not, iPhoneography is here to stay. With the ever growing number of camera apps and photo editing apps and the ever-increasing popularity with Instagram, iPhoneography is heading up to yet another level. For those who wish to embark on this great journey, to learn to shoot with the iPhone, to enter this unique community out there, this Book, The Art of iPhoneography, might just be the perfect place for you to start.

The definition of of iPhoneography, as stated in the Preface of the book, states: “Like pinhole, film, or microscopic photography, we’re focused on the act and art of photography defined by the device used to create the image. iPhoneography is the art of shooting and processing (editing and enhancing) digital images using an iPhone”. iPhoneography to a certain extent is not only about taking pictures with an iPhone but more of an artform created by the photographer. “iPhoneography can help you practice spontaneity, loosen up your traditional approach to photography, and stretch your view…..ultimately making you a better photographer.

Extracted from my Studio – PASM Workshop’s Blog, source – The Art of iPhoneography

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Apple Store Hong Kong Details Leaked

9TO5Mac reported that works for the Apple New Store in Hong Kong has commenced at the International Finance Centre, right downtown in Central, Hong Kong. The new Apple Store takes up close to 20 shop areas according to the report and gee, they suspect it is the most expensive Apple Store (rent wise) to date. Head over to the story for more details, link here.

Source – 9TO5Mac

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