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Palm OS Emulator for Pre Video

Palm Pre Emulator: Palm OS Running Epocrates and Pandora

Palm Pre New Apps: Pandora, Fandango, Sprint TV, Nascar

The Palm OS emulator for Pre was unveiled last week and phonedog got some nice videos out, watch and enjoy.

Source – phonedog

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Nokia 5800 Firmware Now Available via Nokia Software Updater


Nokia 5800 XpressMusic gets a new firmware update, more information here. According to the changelog, the new firmware fixes the following –

  • Homepage is not defined for Vodafone Live!
  • Last word disappears when selecting receiver in SMS
  • My Nokia: phone displays “#” in front of Application name.
  • During Back-Up & Restore operation, calendar entries are not restored
  • Operator menu link within Welcome application
  • Invalid message pops up before playing the file received via Bluetooth.
  • Input Method, VKB just display number when selecting a WLAN access point which contains a password.
  • Chinese box HWR control buttons and FS HWR control bar are too small.
  • Unable to add image to Contact bar from Gallery when there is about 5 GB of data in memory card
  • In Arabic UI, in calendar, the arrows on the top are reversed in week view and day view
  • UI-rotation is too sensitive
  • Search: Google search service is missing in Search.
  • Contact could not display when switch numbers in Singtel 2-in-1 SIM card
  • Maps: Wrong layout of the strings in the Maps search and favorites views
  • Could not send new email if user name and password is not pre-defined
  • Phone drops from service when both A5/3 +GEA3 used simultaneously with WLAN
  • The Messaging application crashes a lot specially when replying or trying to send SMS you have to remove battery to be able to use the device again
  • License Manager for Maps is not integrated to SW
  • 5.0 Touch: Phonebook crashing when adding detail: Birthday, Anniversary
  • Web screen is messed up
  • Non stop Music Player “Library update”
  • Clock, Alarm is inactive when phone is power off.
  • APN Configuration Settings Update to be used for the Setting Wizard
  • Ex-Factory settings are wrong
  • UE unable to open Setting Wizard
  • StartUpSettings version updated.
  • Phone lost correct time during power off
  • USSD – “Call Control Send USSD” command
  • UE drops from 3G, then cannot sync to 3G cells
  • Browser: Flash objects causes problems while browsing

Source – all about symbian, S60inside

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First Look – Samsung Emporio Armani M7500

Love that night effect, love that GA logo, love it totally.  Well, the import version of the Samsung Emporio Armani M7500 finally arrived here in Hong Kong, the price tag, HK$3,380.


For more information, check out the Armani Samsung Mobile website.

Source – ehop1a, Armani Samsung Mobile

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The Storm Has Arrived (in Hong Kong too) – The BlackBerry Storm

[22 December 2008] When the import version of the BlackBerry Storm finally hit the Hong Kong market.  The going price is a whopping HK$6,980.00 and it needs to use the TurboSim to power it up.

[9 October 2008]

Frank H. Rovekamp – Chief Marketing Officer, Vodafone Group – introduces the BlackBerry Storm

The commercial

Source – boygeniusreport, vodafonemedia

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Another Video Review of the BlackBerry Storm

US launch date is tomorrow, still no news on local release yet.

Source – Phonescoop

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Insurance on the iPhone 3G

Back to Hong Kong after the WPBA inauguration convention.  Weather was getting really cold (-4C) and started snowing when I got to the Incheon Airport.  Lots of Korean rushed through the door at the airport to take pictures with their hand phones on what seems to be the first snow (maybe) and some were making wishes too, real interesting scene.  Took tons of pics but need couple days to sort through them before I can post them up so bear with me for now.

Well, back at work today and the sales from 3 Hong Kong came over to deliver the iPhone 3G to my big boss.  We chatted a bit and he asked me whether I know that there’s an insurance program with coverage of HK$3,000 on the iPhone 3G.  Told him I never heard of it and asked him about it.

The deal is, if one enroll in the insurance plan, one would need to commit three more months on top of the 24-month contract.  By doing so, one will get a one-year coverage of HK$3,000 if one loses the iPhone 3G (a lost report have to be filed with the local police).  After the first year, the charge would be HK$39 a month in order to extend the coverage.

Hmm…interesting as I know a lot of people who have lost their iPhones and they probably have not heard of such plan… some great sales and marketing there.

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Lifestyle HK – HTC Touch HD vs HTC Touch Pro

My new entry over at Lifestyle Hong Kong is up. This week’s entry, “HTC Touch HD vs HTC Touch Pro”. Click here for the read and video review.

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Unbox Video – HTC Touch HD

Rumors said that the import version will hit Hong Kong this coming Thursday.  Will update here if I hear more.

Source – PocketNow

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First Look Review – BlackBerry Storm

Still no word on local Hong Kong release date, if anyone hear anything, drop a line here.

Source – MegaWhatTV

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First Look – HTC Touch 3G

Pic from CNET Taiwan

Pics of the all new HTC Touch 3G start showing up this week.  Well, it looks very much like the previous version except that it’s a tibit long in length.  To get a better idea, I put together this summary comparison with its previous model based on the info from CNET Taiwan.

HTC Touch HTC Touch 3G
CPU TI OMAP 850 201MHz Qualcomm MSM7201A 528MHz
Memory 64MB RAM+128MB ROM(1st generation) 128MB RAM+256MB ROM(new edition) 192MB RAM+256MB ROM
Expansion microSD microSD
Display 2.8″ 240×320 QVGA 2.8吋 “240×320 QVGA
Band GSM:900/1800/1900 MHz GSM:900/1800/1900 MHz WCDMA:900/2100 MHz
Network Connection Wi-Fi 802.11b/g BlueTooth2.0 Wi-Fi 802.11b/g HSDPA 7.2Mbps BlueTooth2.0+EDR
Camera 2.0 mega-pixel 3.2 mega-pixel
Dimension 99.9x58x13.9 mm 102×53.6×14.5mm
Weight 112gram(with battery) 96gram(with battery)
Power Talk time: 300 min Standby: 200hours Talk time: 400/360 min(GSM/WCDMA) Standby: 365/450hours(GSM/WCDMA)
Others Cube 3D Interface TouchFLO Interface

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 to be Carried by 3 Hong Kong

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 是 SE 首部支援 HSPA 手機。下載速度達 7.2Mbps;上傳亦有 2Mbps 的速度。今次它們揀了 3 香港做率先發售網絡商。3HK 的 3Grid Portal 當然 Ready to use,它支援 3HK 的 H.264 QVGA 高清流動電視,買機上台,更送一年 3TV 頻道月費,是 KS20 後,另一部有網絡商支援的高清播放 Windows Mobile 手機。

有關 3 香港Sony Ericsson X1 的資料
● 選用 $278 月費可以優惠價 $2980 購買手機。新客攜號碼轉台可獲 $30 0回贈。(簽 18 個月約)
● 選用 $198 或以上月費計劃客戶並選用每月 $28 EasyPlus流動數據增值服務,可於合約期內每月可享 100MB 額外數據用量;選用 $138 或以上月費計劃客戶則可獲 10MB 額外數據用量。
● 可獲一條一年免費 3TV 高清手機電視頻道:>>><<< 消閒生活 / Money 18
● 凡選用$28 EasyPlus流動數據增值服務客戶,加多 $28 即可享任用 Wi-Fi 服務。

The above sourced from local forum.  Seems like 3HK will be carrying the Sony Ericsson exclusively.  Rumours said they will be offering the price of HK$3,980 for old customers, the catch of course is a 18-month contract.  For higher service plan, the charge of the phone will be as low as HK$2,980.  The early releases are mostly the ones with English ROM.  Call your 3HK sales to find out more.

Another alternative is to get it from the local chain stores like Broadway or Fortress, but their prices as high as HK$6K+, Crazy.

Source – DiscussHK

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Google Phone in Hong Kong Now

Imported Google Phone is making its way to Hong Kong over the past weekend.  Opening price starts at around HK$5,680 (US$728) and they can be found in Sincere Podium.  According to PCMagazine (today’s issue), the Google Phone is cracked and can display Chinese characters as well.

Pic from ePrice HK

Pic from ePrice HK

Source – ePrice HK

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LG Prada II Announced

Seoul, Korea- October 13, 2008 – LG Electronics (LG), a worldwide technology and design leader in mobile communications, and PRADA Group (Prada) today announced that the partnership that created the PRADA Phone by LG will release its second handset before the end of the year.

Almost identical to the highly successful original, the new telephone has a hidden secret. In one smooth movement the ultra-thin keyboard slides from under the handset. As serenely as it appears it slides invisibly, effortlessly away – a modern icon of mobile style and design with an extra competitive edge.

The new Prada phone by LG is the highly anticipated successor to the original Prada phone, which first brought Prada together with LG, one of the most advanced technology companies in the world.

The Prada phone made history as the first full touch-screen phone to reach the market. With all the characteristics of the most digitally enhanced phones it was also a powerful aesthetic pioneer and quickly established its hold on the industry with over 1 million design-conscious users demanding handsets.

Its elegant good looks combined with a digitally sophisticated interface made it instantly appealing. The culmination of Prada research and development in the complete interior as well as exterior design and functionality of the phone and accessories was key to this success.

The unique QWERTY keyboard available only with the new telephone is designed for maximum ease of use. The metallic feel makes it a pleasure to touch and type, complimenting the slick design aesthetic. The silver keyboard along with the additional on-screen, call and hang-up buttons gives fresh tactility to the original minimal concept.

Other enhanced features include 3G compatibility with video calling, 7.2Mbps HSDPA, full HTML browser, the 5 mega pixel camera with Schneider-Kreuznach certified lens, and Wi-Fi accessibility.

The second Prada handset by LG is not just for pleasure, this is a luxury design accessory that can also compete on every level with the most technological hand held devices.

The new Prada mobile will be available with a starting price of 600 Euros though major mobile dealerships in Italy, UK, France, Germany, Spain and Netherlands in the 4Q of 2008.

Source – LG

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First Impression Video – Google G1

Pretty informative video on the Google G1 from phonedog.  Too bad it doesn’t support Microsoft Exchange or else I’ll be getting this one too.

Source – phonedog

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