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3 Hong Kong Carrying The New iPhone 4 – Gee

Well, not much choice here. Looks like I’m gonna be tied up with 3HK for another …… year(s). Bummer.

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Total Breakdown of 3HK 3G Data Network

[Update: 11:24am] Finally it’s back up, at least in Wanchai area.

Since yesterday afternoon, I have been experiencing problems accessing my emails and surfing the net with my iPhone 3Gs with the 3HK 3G data network except for a brief two hours or so from 9:00pm to 11:24pm.  It was still dead this morning and I’m getting really frustrated.

At first I thought either my iPhone 3Gs went cuckoo or something’s wrong with my SIM card but not until I start searching through the local forums where I noted that the whole 3HK 3G data network was indeed paralyzed.

3HK, get your act together please, this is getting really annoying and it ain’t funny.

Worst thing is, you cannot even dial into 3HK’s hotline.

The following are just some related forum posts –

“我由尋日(18號)下午三點左右開始已經上唔到 ~ 我都以為電腦 / 手指壞 …. 因為我用電話都仲上到 ~ USB 手指一直試到而家都仲未上到 ! 電話都有一段時間死左 …. 大約係五、六點左右死左一陣 ! 點搞呀 ?! 我鋪頭有時上網做野要靠佢 !! 而家死得啦 !!” ~ PhontHK forum

“極火滾!!到底個死人3台發生咩事!!hotline直情打唔通!!” ~ Discuss Forum

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New iPhone 3G Tariffs Plan


3HK just offered the new iPhone 3G tariffs plan.  Could it be because we’re getting closer and closer to the new generation iPhone which is due out soon? Check out the new tariffs plan here.


Source – 3HK

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Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 to be Carried by 3 Hong Kong

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 是 SE 首部支援 HSPA 手機。下載速度達 7.2Mbps;上傳亦有 2Mbps 的速度。今次它們揀了 3 香港做率先發售網絡商。3HK 的 3Grid Portal 當然 Ready to use,它支援 3HK 的 H.264 QVGA 高清流動電視,買機上台,更送一年 3TV 頻道月費,是 KS20 後,另一部有網絡商支援的高清播放 Windows Mobile 手機。

有關 3 香港Sony Ericsson X1 的資料
● 選用 $278 月費可以優惠價 $2980 購買手機。新客攜號碼轉台可獲 $30 0回贈。(簽 18 個月約)
● 選用 $198 或以上月費計劃客戶並選用每月 $28 EasyPlus流動數據增值服務,可於合約期內每月可享 100MB 額外數據用量;選用 $138 或以上月費計劃客戶則可獲 10MB 額外數據用量。
● 可獲一條一年免費 3TV 高清手機電視頻道:>>><<< 消閒生活 / Money 18
● 凡選用$28 EasyPlus流動數據增值服務客戶,加多 $28 即可享任用 Wi-Fi 服務。

The above sourced from local forum.  Seems like 3HK will be carrying the Sony Ericsson exclusively.  Rumours said they will be offering the price of HK$3,980 for old customers, the catch of course is a 18-month contract.  For higher service plan, the charge of the phone will be as low as HK$2,980.  The early releases are mostly the ones with English ROM.  Call your 3HK sales to find out more.

Another alternative is to get it from the local chain stores like Broadway or Fortress, but their prices as high as HK$6K+, Crazy.

Source – DiscussHK

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